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Report - - Well 'o' Doom!! Sunderland 25/05/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Well 'o' Doom!! Sunderland 25/05/08

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Northern Exposure

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This place is the best adrenalin fuelled explore I've been on bar none. XM657 'found' this place and invited me along as the descent needs climbing equipment and by the condition of the ladders you'd be a fool to attempt this without a safety rig.

The initial draw was a the pumping station topside which is quite picturesque although stripped.

**I have to say these first few look HDR but I assure you they ain't **





Huge vice



Not bad as it stands but the well that feeds this is an absolute monster.

When we first visited there where three pikies digging up the copper near the well shaft. After a brief chat, (both parties wary of each other) we left rather than rigging up and descending with them at the top. They were quite informative of the well, it used to feed a paper mill around 2 miles away and apparently the well itself is 400ft deep :eek: :eek:

Today, we returned to see how far we could get, or indeed, how far the well went.




The ladder sections are around 20ft and my rope is only 60ft so we only made it to the third level. I can say that this shaft is at least 150ft deep. I threw some rubble from the third level down and it was still banging and clattering some 10 seconds later.

View from level 3



Looking up from level 3


Looking down from level 3


one of the intersecting gratings between ladders


Once you are past level two it gets very wet, there is a pipe pissing water onto an old sleeper that then soaks everything below.


We descended individually whilst the other belayed from above. This is XM on level two (if you can see him)


Pikie theft


This place is fooking awesome. I cannot find a single thing about it online. There is no history documented.

This is one I definitely will crack, but I need one probably two others with a good deal of rope to get all the way to the bottom. Anyone interested??
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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Well 'o' Doom!! Sunderland 25/05/08 *Report*

It was a great explore, looks so dodgy from the top but just begs to be climbed down. Interesting that none of the rocks I threw down landed with a splash so I'm sure there's something interesting at the bottom. Just need more roap!!!

Some shots I took:

Northern Exposure only torch light can be seen

No wide angle lense here, it really is that deep - and this is down to 60 feet already with a 10 second exposure!


The megga winch above the shaft, whats it for? Nobody knows.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
cpcnick: As far as I know the well is now sealed. We reached the bottom in the end anyway. It wasn't quite the 600ft it was rumoured at being.