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Report - Wembley Stadium - 07/11/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I saw this place for the first time on Wednesday evening. Likely not a big deal for the southerners on here, but it was cool for a Sunderland lad like me to see it with my own eyes. Must admit, impressive though it is, I can't understand how it cost 750 million quid to build as it didn't seem that much moreso than any other football stadium! I know its been reported before but hopefully of interest.

Pitch getting some artificial light

Players tunnel outside and inside


Players changing room and showers



Press room


Random shots:



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Can I be a miserable sod for a second and add...

780MIL!? The showers and baths are *cheap*, from tiles to fixtures they just look so mediocre. The pressroom with its flourescant lighting and cheap grey seat coverings just looks stupid and in the lads changing room, the plug sockets mounted half way up a wall with the aireal feed coming in through a hole in the floating roof and for what? A plain old plasma on a miserable looking stand, and the press desk is just a crappy table with a few chairs behind it..!!

The entire site, whilst an awesome review, just looks cheap! Or is it just me? It's supposed to be Wembley!

*rant over*

Couldn't agree more mate. The changing rooms were really nothing special at all. There is a "warm up" room next to them which is a complete p!ss take - just like a big store cupboard with exposed pipe work and everything. Think this place has been the biggest rip off ever as only a fraction of the cost must of gone into the build and most into someone's back pocket. It reminded me a lot of a bigger Stadium of Light here in Sunderland but our stadium cost £23 million to build and £7 million for an additional stand to seat 55 thousand. The quality of the inside honestly seems to same to me so its a rip off.

That said its a cool place, and I loved seeing it.