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Report - Wembley Stadium (building site) - 28.01.06


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Well, after spending the day having a womble around the remains of harperbury with its padded cell, shenley lunatic asylum tower to the very top, then we went around the millenium area, with intentions of finding some new stuff. The stuff we saw was either very secure (MOD place), or used (loads of factorys) even though they were blatantly derelict, and the "ghost" greyhound track.

Anyway, after much delibaration, we decided to have a few beverages, and a meal...then myself and dweeb had the idea of doing the new "wembley railway station"...we proceeded to get in and have a wander...


(a bit small, and loads of CCTV)

After this, we felt a little dis-heartened and wanted to do something rare, and therefore, when we saw this...


we both looked at each other and said, could it be done?....we decided that we would go and check the perimeter out, this so called "recce" turned into something very different...we were like "nah, this cannot be done"!...

evidently, we proved ourselves wrong...


oh god!! this was a bit daunting...we were thinking about whether to go straight back out until we saw this...as an england fan, I was somewhat impressed...


Oh god, seeing this was a little bit good..


the size of this place is stunning, the size is really shown well with the JCB's and cranes...stupidly tall..

After this, we took a few more snaps and made a hasty retreat..hope you enjoy. We did!

turk ;)

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