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Report - Wensleydale train carriages - Leeming Bar, Yorkshire - Aug 2014


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'Allo folks, long time lurker here decided to throw up a post.

Happened to be up Newcastle way with a mate who also lurks around here somewhere, got it into our heads that we'd go visit (and pop our cherry) a place we'd heard about near Leeming Bar.

Was only a quick one on the way back down south and when we got there another train went by on what we figured was not an inactive but very rarely used line (bad luck?) we didn't stay long due to people milling around down towards the signal box and having a good 260 miles to get back home and unfortunately most of the carriages/engines were locked up tight.

I'm not sure what the future may hold for these relics but I can't see it being a bright one.

Class 47 - Built in 1965 by Brush Traction - Retired from service in 2007.


This one was quite cool - Built in 1960 and only saw five years of service.

And the side shot.

This one wasn't locked infact the door was inside the carriage!




I wouldn't recommend eating those biscuits.

Back outside.

Probably my favourite one - Class 37 - Built in 1963 and renumbered to what it is there in 1974.

Here he is, doing his thing.



Just incase.. y'know?

Thanks for looking!


The Kwan

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Re: Train Graveyard - Leeming Bar, Yorkshire - Aug 2014

This looks well cool mate and 92219 really is straight out of the films, thanks for sharing it :thumb

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Re: Train Graveyard - Leeming Bar, Yorkshire - Aug 2014

I like old derelict trains
thanks for sharing


A life backwards
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Re: Train Graveyard - Leeming Bar, Yorkshire - Aug 2014

Very nice, love the old trains too :)


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Re: Train Graveyard - Leeming Bar, Yorkshire - Aug 2014

Nice one :thumb some good shots there. My little lad would love this.


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Been past here a lot but never knew if it was a live track as well as the work being carried out on the A1 it's been busy with people.

Good start.


Not a Graveyard as such but the stock sidings of the Wensleydale Railway (Northallarton -Scruton - Leeming Bar - Bedale - Finghall - Leyburn - Redmire) who like most preservation society's have more stock than time to devote on restoring them!

Interesting fact is that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) have an interest in using the line between Northallerton (to link with East Coast Line) and Redmire to transport armoured vehicles to/from Catterick Garrison, and paid for repairs and restoration of the line and the installation of loading facilities at Redmire.

A new platform at Northallerton will see trains running all the way from the town this year using the MoD section.


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Love the older train,unreal it's all just been left there!

The Lone Shadow

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Thats a marvelous start matey. Really an interesting twist to exploring.



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Loved the report! seems like an awesome day and I'm jealous I didnt get to see the cool trains...


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I spoke to the staff a while ago and they said that pikeys stripped the copper wiring out of the locos making restoration harder (and more expensive). I love the BR Mark 1 carriage. Exactly the same ones I used to work as a guard years ago. I've seen some sights in those compartments when I went to check tickets :)


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From your reaction to the train passing and the staff by the signal box, I presume you didn't have permission from operation staff in the station to wonder alongside the operating line?

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