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Report - - West Park - 12/10/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - West Park - 12/10/08

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28DL Full Member
Visited with Hydra.

Got in after a failed trip a week earlier which meant a walk to the gate with my favourite hammer-wielding security guard, met him twice now :eek:.

First, we returned to the first place we looked around last week, with a badly written set of directions. "Theres a big hole in the corridor. That wasn't there last week." Someone had ripped off a huge board, so blatant and yet hadn't been noticed somehow by the security.
We're in, move down the corridor away from where we got in and use the time for a few corridor shots.


5 minutes later, we hear a voice, and end up running and trying to hide in a dead-end corridor :crazy: .End up running for it down the corridor and manage to avoid him for the next half hour.





We could hear him the whole time inside, chatting loudly on his mobile and generally hammering things shut! As we're scouting past the main hall, looking for some way upstairs, he appears walking towards us from the other end of the corridor.
Gave us the usual chat, walked us back to where we got in, accuses us of B+E, rips a board off a window and tells us to get lost.

Bit annoyed as we didn't get long in there, didn't really know the layout either i guess which didn't help. I reckon if he'd of been on the phone the whole time we'd of been ok. He was totally oblivious to any noise or goings on when he was chatting.
Hope to get a return trip in cos, my photos are poor and there isn't many of them! :rolleyes:




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