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Report - - West Park Asylum. End of Oct 08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - West Park Asylum. End of Oct 08

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Finaly got our ass' up to epsom...

The original plan was to visit west park, then cane hill, then st ebba's. Wishful thinking to say the least. After 5 hours of being in west park we decided to make a move home (1.5 hour drive) because the need for a shower was getting too much :P

So how did it go?? Very well. No trouble with security or "laser fences". Though it took us half hour or so to find a way in the only difficulty we really had was trying to navigate when inside. Nearly all the joining corridors have been boarded/bricked up. Meaning we had to search for alternate routes to go where we wanted... Very time consuming. Unfortuntatly we only had time to explore 1/2 of the main complex and we missed the dentist and padded room which we were a bit gutted about but all in all it was a great day.

Here are a few photo's. The rest of the collection can be found at wreck-photography User Profile | DeviantArt
There is also my photos from our Hellingly visit to on that link.

On with the photos...


A T-junction of corridors


A room full of hoovers. We found it like this. Right near the main entrance


bath (duh!)


Corridor corner


Main hall

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Any questions ill be happy to answer. :D

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