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Report - Weston (Snape Farm) POW Camp - March 2015


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March 2015
Got the day off work, so visited by myself as it is only a 15 minute drive from home. The place is practically a shell, nothing exciting to see, but I thought I'd share it. :)

About the site
This camp is located at the back of Snape Farm in Weston near to Crewe. During World War 2 the site was originally commissioned as an anti aircraft defence site, to defend Crewe. The guns were never delivered as the threats from bombing had gone. Initially German, then Italian POW’s were stationed at the camp and worked on farms during and after the war. Although Weston wasn’t assigned a camp number it was a satellite camp of another camp in the area therefore not assigned an official camp number and very often forgotten about. Some of the Weston POWs stayed in the area, married local girls, raised families and lived happily in the area for many years after the war.

Prisoners held at Weston were typical ‘white’ prisoners unlike many, after capture and interrogation they were deemed not politically motivated. Just regular young men unfortunate to be caught up in the politics of war. The prisoners in this camp after gaining the trust of the guards were able to engage in local community events and in some instances wander free in and out of the camps outside of their working hours.








And this little shit nearly scared me to death. :/ It was hiding in one of the huts, as I walked in it darted towards me to escape. I fucking hate Peacocks.
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Good find! Lived in crewe since 02 and never knew about this one. Im heading there next time i get a chance :)

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