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Report - - Wharfedale General Hospital - Otley - 1/6/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Wharfedale General Hospital - Otley - 1/6/07

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Another late report, sorry.

A lead followed up from a huge list that i thinhk Markr put up?
Nothing to one afternoon so we had a drive up. A new hospital has been built at the side on the former grounds.

After a quick look around we gained access. Was slightly dissapointed as it has been modernised inside quite heavy, and also stipped bare.
We checked all buildings but the admin block, there may have been access round the back but loads of houses were over looking and some guys were out having a BBQ.

Went back the other week after our trip to Whittingham but the gaurd was on duty.

It was English Partnerships too.













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