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Question - What's the coolest thing you've ever found on an urbex?


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I guess everyone has a different opinion as to what's 'cool' and what's not, I've picked up a few interesting items over the years, but my favourites are probably these two Reyrolle catalogues and manuals. I'm sure many people would argue that they're not too interesting compared with some of the other bits in my collection, but I like them all the same, been a bit of a control room freak.

I picked these two up along with many other dillapidated bits of paperwork from the substation at Pilkingtons, Kirk Sandall. Pretty rare to see two full manuals like these nowadays, you see the odd booklet selling on ebay from time to time but I've never seen complete folders like these up for sale before. Got around a 100 individual brochures split between the two folders. On average a single brochure on ebay sells for around 25 quid so a pretty canny find really! Not that I'd ever sell either of them... Got the engineers notes and pencil drawn diagrams tucked away in the back too :)

On a side note, I've never seen anyone upload pics from the substation at Pilko's, will have to whack mine up sometime.

I have stacks of paper work like this with cross sections and engineers drawings, but these are amongst my favourite.

View attachment 682933

Some proper nice pics of sample Reyrolle control pannels and rooms, and a useful index of future derps, Grimsby Ice factory is mentioned and pictured as well a Coryton if we're talking recent popular spots...

View attachment 682936

View attachment 682937

View attachment 682938

Control Layouts.

View attachment 682939

View attachment 682942

Been meaning to sort a scanner out for this kinda thing, if it proves of interest to folk I'll try speed up the process, that said, there's quite the pile mounting... Not all from derps either, I do genuinely collect this sort of stuff...

Got a lovely fold out plan and station guide for Ferrybridge 'A' somewhere in there, I'll have to dig it out.

TAW :)
Are these still getting scanned? ;)

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Are these still getting scanned? ;)
Unfortunately not, since I wrote this I've become absolutely buried in work and the whole idea has sort of just been canned really for now, I'll start a look over this weeks leave though and see what I can manage!


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I snuck through a fence once to a VERY old abandoned house and found a typewriter sat on the floor with some of the keys missing. Also a lot of needles as it was a place where all the druggies went to do drugs, safe to say I won't be going there again place was scary as shit xD

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