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Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Jan 2019


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And nearly all of it will suffer at the hands of AN Other mysterious fyah before the year is out like everything else that is prime living space I imagine :banghead
Amazed it’s not happened yet, since the summer it’s been smashed to bits inside. Only saving grace is it’s surrounded on 3 sides by active hospice/hospital/drug rehab units - so the smoke would get spotted quickly.. unless at night :/


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the authorities & owners do nothing protecting our heritage or history which infuriates me, damn disgrace
as for the chavs & arsonists scum i'd cull them like rats.

nice thread
I think Whitchurch will get a good development - as Ojay says it’s prime location. Next to M4, next to a railway station, next to main road into Cardiff, very good high school, decentish area generally and bridge tolls just scrapped making house prices rise significantly. Its whether or not the C&V trust sell it off quick enough although I think technically it falls back to the welsh assembles ownership now and if a developer stays true to the listing.

If anyone’s interested here is the master plan: http://www.transformingcancerservic...loads/2017/04/Whitchurch-Green-Masterplan.pdf
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Looks like it’s been cleaned up a lot since I was there in September/October..... the hall was covered in shite !


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Good effort, thanks for posting

You not got anymore pics of the place ? At least 2 of them are duplicated, upload the rest if you have 'em :thumb
I have so many shots to upload but it’s having time as I work nights - will try get some more up


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Did they clear out the old documents in the basement in that last shot? There was a few racks left of them when we went a few months ago.