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Report - White Quey Pub/Restaurant (October 2016) + VIDEO!


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What's up folks, I'm back again...

Been quiet for a week or so after getting a lot of media attention and a fair bit of hate from locals for my recent exploration... Apparently the poachers who used the land aren't happy that my video went "viral" locally and caused security to be upped at the site so now the poachers after me :rolleyes: oh well...

Anyways, back at it again with this exploration of the White Quey pub/restaurant near Carlisle, Cumbria.



First of all, for those of you who don't fancy reading my report or just fancy seeing the video side of things...

Please do subscribe and like the video if you enjoyed it, that way I know to carry on making them if you enjoy them :thumb

We entered the site via the kitchen/"cellar" and there was very little left, there was still all of the places for the kegs with all the labels and everything which was pretty cool... Even some nitrogen tanks (which we guessed were empty)



Venturing through the downstairs didn't really reveal anything apart from some toilets and changing rooms, nothing too crazy, there was a lot of electrical type things still here (I know some of you like that sort of thing)



Heading upstairs and we faced the decision of "Left or right, which one first?", we decided to go left towards what we believe to be the living area for the owners we came across some very nice little rooms...




After taking a look at these odd rooms (especially as they had panic buttons in them, check the video for those), we decided to head back the way we came and go across and into the admin office where we found a lovely little safe, unfortunately locked so we'll never know if there was £1M sat in there :rolleyes:


We then took a few careful steps over the holes in the floor to take us over to the other side of the building which featured more bedrooms and bathrooms...



In the end room we actually found a little hidden room with MANY little gems sat in there, paperwork dating back to the 90s, kids clothing/toys and lots of Christmas decorations




Finished upstairs, we head downstairs towards where part of the restaurant itself was (half of it has been demolished, weird that they've left half of it)

As soon as we went in we were greeted by this lovely little child's suitcase, eerily sat there in the middle of the restaurant which itself is not in a great condition...




And that's where we called it a day, thoroughly enjoyed this little explore, nothing crazy but a very nice place which seems to have escaped the vandalism and retains a few nice features...

Until next time... :D

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