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The Kwan

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Cheers for that link OT, they are posh I may add them on to my list for santa :) just comparing the wild country carabiners on ebay and for a fiver a go these look like a bargain, just ordered 5 :)


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Think i'll grab a couple of them at that price. Just make your cows tails out of a length of dynamic.

The Lone Ranger

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Wild Country are a well known manufacturer, have used their stuff for 30 odd years. I may have a couple of those screwgates, but they are a fairly standard bit of kit and not too much difference in brands.

£5 a good price too, but Rock and Run often have good deals as they are just an online company these days after their early days in Ambleside in the mid-80's, they also had the best café over the shop in them days, thankfully the café still does proper food over the counter as I think it saw the disadvantages of a bacon buttie and a pint mug of coffee ordered online ;)