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Report - Willington Cooling Towers May & July 2011


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Well this is more of a catchup of photos I've taken before i joined 28DL or even knew of its existence.


The two coal-fired power stations where built in the early 50's between Willington and Fidern. They where eventually privatised and sold to National power in the early 1990's, They remained open for the next few yeas to eventually close and mostly demolished at the turn of the millennium.

Five of the cooling towers still remain dominating the skyline for miles around.

In the mid 1990s a pair of peregrine falcons nested in one of the site's huge cooling towers. Unlike many bird of prey breeding sites, this was widely publicised because of its impregnable location.


Thank you to Tassadar's Post for this bit of information

"RWE has now re-occupied this site and is runnning some of thier co-generation business from here so there is activity in the portacabins and fencing has been repaired"

In February 2011, RWE npower was granted planning consent to develop new gas power generation plant .

The plans to build a new power station are a major commitment to Willington and the surrounding area and a new station would bring a number of long term benefits. Once operational the plant would create around 100 high quality, long term jobs and lasting investment in the local economy. It is estimated that the new power station could bring a benefit to the local economy of around £10 million each year.

More Information on the RWE Website







Finally a Photo of some poor rabbit we found :(


Again thanks for looking :)

I want to go here again soon and do some star trials, not too sure how easy it will be seeing as they might have security on now.


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