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Report - - Wistow Colliery Selby N Yorks Sept 08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Wistow Colliery Selby N Yorks Sept 08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I know Cerebus has done this place and possibly someone else cant remember who else but i was inspired by Cerebus to have a look. On my first attempt earlier in the year when i got there there were white vans and blokes wandering all over the place so i aborted the explore managed to get back recently and had the place to myself it really is out in the sticks. The pit closed in 2004 i think and only had a short lifespan of about 20 odd years. There were lots of cctv cameras but i suspect not working as no one bothered me the time i was there. Anyway heres some pics i havnt checked out all the buildings as i was a little pushed for time.


not quite sure what this was for possibly security or some sort of caretakers house.





I came across these containers which were stuffed full of the company records paperwork etc there was a letter from Richard Budge himself congratulating the workforce on achieving record outputs.


looks like a stores area


The offices looked like they were still in use i was convinced the phones were going to ring or someone was about to walk through the door but no one did.

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overhead travelling crane



Overall an interesting explore and thanks to Cerebus for finding it there are other deep mines within the Selby coalfield nearby which have also closed down so maybe worth a further look.