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Report - Woollen Signs, Sheffield - October 2012


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*wavy lines*

Me, Kitty and Keitei had a mooch round Woollen Signs a few years back, but having already done a couple of sites that night we were all urbex'd out and only Keitei took a camera with her. On leaving we were met by two van loads of SYPD's finest and their pooches wanting to know what we were up to and muttering dark threats about enclosed spaces. I managed to extract us from a potentially sticky situation with a bit of smooth talking and the fact that there were 2 glamorous explorettes with me had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Fast forward a couple of years and it seems that a bit of fresh blood on the Sheffield scene has brought new life to some old favourites and Woollen Signs is back on the agenda.

Visited with Tablets, for his birthday explore.

Woollen Signs was a Sheffield company who made signs...out of wool. :thumb

Woollen & Co Ltd was established in Sheffield in 1883 by Edwin James Woollen, a signwriter and Frederick Ibbotson, a lithographic printer. By 1897 Woollens had become a limited company and was based at 35 Carver Street in Sheffield. (info from the late 0742/Mark Wallis)

At some point they moved to Love Street and then in 2005 moved to new premises.

In 2008 Woollen & Co ceased trading after 125 years in business following a takeover. However a new company Woollen Signs Limited rose from the ashes and seems to be trading successfully.

In the time since my last visit, not much seems to have changed at all.





There are reminders of Sheffield's brewing past everywhere.




Arty effort using a drying rack



Old school Mac



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