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Report - - WW2 Bunker, Wentworth, Surrey 01/05/07 | Underground Sites |

Report - WW2 Bunker, Wentworth, Surrey 01/05/07

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Made a trip to this site with lesbub as the guide (but big thanks to markr for his efforts in the first place). A discrete entrance was made with us two commoners sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the minted of Surrey.

Below are a few pics from inside. Interestingly a lot of the tunnel rings are marked with LPTB (London Passenger Transport Board) so must have been diverted from an order intended for the Underground (maybe central line extension which was underway at the outbreak of war). Some others are marked with LER (London Electric Railway - in effect the predecessor of the LPTB).

More history here in markr's post.

Stairs up to one of the exits

Main passageway showing one of about 20 side rooms (main passage is a small bore tunnel, side rooms look like standard tube bore)


Drainage under floor of side room (all the false floors - maybe wood - have been removed)


In the distance you can just see where the main passage veers off to the right

Long straight tunnel leading to second exit

Finally, a close up of the LPTB lettering
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