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Report - Ystra Einion Copper mines 14/02/11


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Been wanting to do this for sometime now.. its about 2 hours away from my house along the Carmarthen to lampeter road, then headed to Llanrhystud and up on to Cwm einion.
Positioned in the upper reaches of Cwm Einion, between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth, Ystrad Einion lies around 2 miles from the Dovey Estuary amoungst a forestry plantation, the buildings being accessible from a gravel track.
The obvious remains relate to the crusher house, with the water wheel pits, buddles, and a jigger building to be found nearby. Further up the hillside, at the top of a badly weathered flight of steps, is the securely grilled engine shaft.
Expansion of Ystrad Einion below the already existing adit began in 1871, when a 12-fathom level was opened. Installation around this time of a 16-foot diameter waterwheel for pumping and winding allowed the workings to descend a further 12 fathoms. Development at the mine continued with the excavation of a 30 fathom engine shaft, together with a leat which brought power to a 22.5ft waterwheel, used for pumping and winding. Two smaller water wheels drove the mine's processing machinery, which consisted of crushers, jiggers, and two 20ft dia. buddles. The new developments were celebrated in great style in 1877, but a distinct lack of ore meant full production didn't begin until 1891, by which point the mine was operating under new management. Ystrad Einion was never a rich mine, the production figures between 1891 and 1897 show only 9 tons of lead ore, 10 tons of zinc ore and 45 tons of copper ore had been extracted.
The underground remains are not extensive, much of the workings having now flooded. The well preserved 16ft waterwheel is still in place, with the winding drum and remains of connections to the pumps in the adjoining flooded shaft still visible, as are a couple of small diameter sheave wheels..
There was 1 plank to walk across in the mine and to the right was a drop in to deep water.. didnt get a photo :wanker














Remains of a wheel barrow handle.




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