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    General - 2020 Bridgend area.

  2. Doug Judy

    Report - Queensbury Tunnel, Bradford - January 2022.

    Queensbury Tunnel, Bradford - January 2022 Queensbury Tunnel The 2,501 yard long Queensbury Tunnel connects Holmfield and Queensbury in West Yorkshire, England, built by the Great Northern Railway (GNR) it was the longest on the company's network at the time of its opening in 1878, In 1882...
  3. m4dd13z666

    Report - Chipping Norton Tunnel - Chipping Norton - Oxfordshire - December 2021

    Chipping Norton Tunnel Opened: 1887 Closed: 1962 715 Yards Long Horseshoe shaped in profile the structure is entirely brick built, with a lining comprising six rings. A falling gradient to the south of about 1:100 is incorporated, together with a curve of approximately 22 chains radius through...
  4. UrbexBee20

    Report - Share and Coulter Pub - Herne Bay - December 2021

    History and research of Share and Coulter pub The pub was closed and sold to an unknown bidder in September/October 2015 for £265,000 which has sat derelict ever since. In 2017 it was used as a traveller’s camp and a dumping area for fly-tippers. It will cost taxpayers about £16,000 to get...
  5. UrbexBee20

    Report - Selborne Brickworks - Hampshire - November 2021

    History of Selborne Brickworks Tower Brick & Tile Company Limited have been making handmade Selborne bricks and roof tiles at their site near Selborne since 1872. The company went into administration on 6th November 2009 and dissolved in August 2011. Selborne Bricks are made using traditional...
  6. UrbexBee20

    Report - Royal Navy Diving & Animal Testing Facility - Hampshire - November 2021

    History of the Royal Navy Diving & Animal Testing Facility The Ministry of Defence is considering abandoning deep-diving experiments which induce agonising decompression sickness in live goats after complaints from animal rights groups. Live testing was suspended in March 2007 and a review...
  7. UrbexBee20

    Report - Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Hampshire – November 2021

    History of Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital – Hampshire – November 2021 This hospital was called the Princess Louise Hospital in 1901 which was founded by public subscription for sick and wounded soldiers returning from the Boer War. The hospital can be found on Chawton Park Road, to the east of...
  8. urbex-travel

    Report - The Park Of Religious Minatures and Giant Pope, Częstochowa, Poland 2021

    We saw a lot of abandoned buildings, but we have never imagined collecting them in one place. In Częstochowa, the Polish city known from the religious cult, we found an amazing park of the religious miniatures. You can find there St Peter's Basilica near Gate Of Dawn, Catacombs and Mary's House...
  9. M

    Abandoned buildings reclaimed by nature

    Hi all, brand new to this site and hoping you can help my daughter has just started studying her Art GCSE, and her project is to visit, photograph and draw abandoned areas and buildings that nature has reclaimed, hoping you have some suggestions of good places to visit, we are just outside of...
  10. m4dd13z666

    Report - Bramcote Secondary School - Nottingham - October 2021

    The Bramcote Secondary School The history: Bramcote school was the first school to be built on the Bramcote Hills Site. In 1948 it opened as a Secondary Modern boys school named Bramcote Hills Boys School, and was previously a hospital in ww2. Bramcote Park Comprehensive School became a...
  11. A

    Abandoned villa in Visegrád, Hungary

    This beautiful but abandoned villa rests on the Várkert fields of Visegrád in Hungary. The 125-year-old Latinovits Villa‘s site has a two-thousand-year-long history with a Roman settlement, orthodox-Christian monastery, gothic church, and children’s holiday resort during the communist era...
  12. TheBackpackExplorer

    Report - RYLANDS MILL - WIGAN- SEPT 2021

    The History… Rylands Mill has been named as one of the top ten most endangered buildings in the UK, by the Victorian Society. In 1819, Rylands & Sons were established with their seat of operations being in Wigan. From 1847, John Rylands became sole proprietor of the company after the death of...
  13. m4dd13z666

    Report - Brunswick Tunnel & Air Raid Shelter - Harrogate - North Yorkshire - October 2021

    Brunswick Tunnel And Air Raid Shelter. The rather long winded write up: The York and North Midland Railway opened in 1839, connecting York with the Leeds and Selby Railway and in 1840 with the North Midland Railway at Normanton near Leeds. The line was largely financed by George Hudson who...
  14. U

    Essex & Suffolk learners

    Hi all , we are a group of two boys two girls that have loved exploring in and around our local places, we have gone to a large handful of places but not ready to post a report as need to make sure to learn all the rules . Just thought we would introduce ourselves and thank everyone for posting...
  15. Doug Judy

    Report - Lees Moor Tunnel - West Yorkshire. August 2021.

    Lees Moor Tunnel - 1,533yds. Lees Moor Tunnel is a long abandoned railway tunnel on the former Great Northern Railway line between Queensbury and Keighley in West Yorkshire, The former dual track Tunnel is just north of the Cullingworth, Reports suggest the due to the pitch black darkness...
  16. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History… Browns Service Centre specialised in car mechanics & MOT with an attached car sales room. In 2017, A deliberate blaze was started & the business had nine vehicles destroyed in the flames. Although no info can be found to when Browns closed its doors - the company has since stopped...
  17. G

    General - Strathmartine hospital

    Hello all. I have always been interested in old and delapated buildings and was delighted recently to introduce my 6 year old grandson to this pastime by taking him to Strathmartine hospital. I hope his interest prevails as it is great fun. Always happy for any ideas locations around the Dundee...
  18. J

    I’m new here - first time exploring yesterday - Quarry

    Hi guys, I’m Josh, 20 and based near Paddock Wood, Kent. I’ve recently tried to get more involved in urban exploring but have struggled to get started. Yesterday i found my first location which was an abandoned quarry. It has a train track running through it and a lot of the old machinery and...
  19. S

    Report - Abandoned House, Blackburn - July 2021

    History So not much history that I know of on this one, definitely abandoned and it seems someone may have stolen all the slate off the roof. The Explore This slight explore was a pretty spur of the moment explore while trying to waste a bit of time. Spotted it from the side of the road...

    Report - Sir Gilbert Claughton School

    The historic Sir Gilbert Claughton School Sir Gilbert Claughton School in Dudley was an Upper Standard School that opened in June 1904 for 12 to 18-year-olds. Originally it was called The Dudley Upper Standard School but in 1907 it became the Higher Elementary School and in1929 changed again to...