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  1. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History… Browns Service Centre specialised in car mechanics & MOT with an attached car sales room. In 2017, A deliberate blaze was started & the business had nine vehicles destroyed in the flames. Although no info can be found to when Browns closed its doors - the company has since stopped...
  2. G

    General - Strathmartine hospital

    Hello all. I have always been interested in old and delapated buildings and was delighted recently to introduce my 6 year old grandson to this pastime by taking him to Strathmartine hospital. I hope his interest prevails as it is great fun. Always happy for any ideas locations around the Dundee...
  3. J

    I’m new here - first time exploring yesterday - Quarry

    Hi guys, I’m Josh, 20 and based near Paddock Wood, Kent. I’ve recently tried to get more involved in urban exploring but have struggled to get started. Yesterday i found my first location which was an abandoned quarry. It has a train track running through it and a lot of the old machinery and...
  4. S

    Report - Abandoned House, Blackburn - July 2021

    History So not much history that I know of on this one, definitely abandoned and it seems someone may have stolen all the slate off the roof. The Explore This slight explore was a pretty spur of the moment explore while trying to waste a bit of time. Spotted it from the side of the road...

    Report - Sir Gilbert Claughton School

    The historic Sir Gilbert Claughton School Sir Gilbert Claughton School in Dudley was an Upper Standard School that opened in June 1904 for 12 to 18-year-olds. Originally it was called The Dudley Upper Standard School but in 1907 it became the Higher Elementary School and in1929 changed again to...

    Ruperra Castle

    Hi guys, team TAG have been exploring for well over 6 months now, our team consists of Thomas, Annette & Gail . We hope you enjoy our images and we look forward to following some great explorers along the way. Have a good day, team TAG.
  7. A

    new places?

    hey everyone i’m new here, i’m looking for some abandoned places near gainsborough, lincoln, scunthorpe, doncaster, hull and sheffield preferably not too far from them but even if they aren’t that close still comment, ive already been to quite a few in these places but looking for more, thank...
  8. BettyAkers91

    Yorkshire newbie looking for a team/buddy!

    Hi all, I've been interested in getting into urbex seriously for years, I've visited a few local sites that were derelict i.e. impossible NOT to get into, but I'd be interested to go out with more experienced folk in the area. I found an old house nearby where I live recently on a walk (see...
  9. Ya Boy Croy

    Lead or Rumour info - Droitwich - Willow court Farmhouse?

    This place is on the outskirts of Droitwich and is also known as "Boycott Farm". It may not even be worth the venture out, I just know trying to get into this place just before the second lockdown, and was unsuccessful, after having a google for some of the history of the place it seems to have...
  10. J

    Bradgate Stables (March 2021)

    Hey guys, first post here not sure if I’m doing this right but... you live and you learn. I’ve seen a few people have been to this location before, wanted to give an update to how it’s doing in 2021. This place was used as the stables for Bradgate house and I believe they were built way back in...
  11. R

    Report - The Beast - Bottrop, Germany. Oct 2020

    After flying over to meet Urban Odyssey again along with Shiey in Germany. We decided to explore a few spots. This was one of them. I dont have much information on this place as we werent in long due to a security guard patrolling and being spotted. We made a quick visit and we were quickly...
  12. Itsmacorlee

    Report - St Andrew’s Asylum, Norfolk - April 2021

    Hello everyone!! Firstly let me introduce myself! I’m Macorlee and I’m from Suffolk! I moved here in September 2020 from the Lake District and I’m overwhelmed by all the beauty in the abandoned buildings here! I’d also like to add how much I like and respect this website for the protection of...
  13. Urbex North Somerset

    Report - Barrow Hospital, Bristol - March 2021

    Hi all!, this is a place I've been meaning to explore for quite sometime now, only one block known as 'East Villa' remains, the rest of the complex has been demolished to make way for housing. First a little history... Barrow Hospital was built in 1938, with construction starting in 1934. It was...
  14. C

    Essex Locations?????

    Live in Chelmsford and looking for anything abandoned or interesting in Essex???
  15. I

    Question - Safety tips

    So, I’m new to all of this exploring stuff and I’ve just found an abandoned school that me and my friend are wanting to go have a look at, however this is the first real abandoned building I’ve been into. Does anyone have any tips? Whether it’s to do with the ideal clothing to wear or stuff to...
  16. Willblaq

    If anybody wants to go explore in Birkenhead area or watever

    Heya as the government has cut off my tattoo shop from working I’m slowly losing my head being stuck indoors. If anybody wants to go exploring I’ve a new camera that I’m dying to use. I’m around Birkenhead area I hope your all keeping safe etc...
  17. theurbexcouple

    Report - Abandoned Warehouse, Cranford, Feb 2021

    Explore: Myself(Holly) and John went and explored this abandoned warehouse/quarry that we fount while researching on Google Maps today, so we decided to go and take a look and it was infact local to us, which was even more better. When we got there, it was trashed and graffitied really badly by...
  18. theurbexcouple

    Report - Feltham Cavalry Tunnel, London, Jan 2021

    Explore: Myself(John) and Holly have known about this tunnel for a while as its in our local area of where we live, in a park close to us. We have visited here before, not for urbex purpose, but just to see what the tunnel was all about really and to be fair it holds a strange but weirdly cool...
  19. theurbexcouple

    Report - Seven Pines Mansion, Virginia Waters, Aug 2020 & Jan 2021

    Explore: Me and Holly explored Seven Pines in August of 2020 and just before lockdown approached this month of January 2021 so before anyone comes down on me and my fiance for exploring during pandemic, as we didnt :D. When we went in August, it was awesome as we managed to get inside but...
  20. theurbexcouple

    Report - Garden center and house, London, Jan 2021

    Explore: Holly and myself (John) stayed local to our area and explored this local abandoned garden center with a possible caretakers house on site to keep an eye on the property, when the house and center itself was in use. We have explored this before as it is situated in our local park, which...