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  1. moldandasbestos

    Report - Royal Hotel, Llangollen - April 2024

    The Royal Hotel, the most prominent building in Llangollen, a hotel situated besides the River Dee in Llangollen, North Wales The Royal is seen as far back as 1752 in a commercial directory, nobody is sure of it's original date of construction. In 1832 Princess Victoria, the future queen...
  2. pastybap

    is this a former air raid shelter, or sewage related?

    Hello all, As title says, I have one mate who reckons was an old air raid shelter or bunker, and I see what he is getting at, as there seems to be some brick work missing, but why the manhole and step irons? It is also near a particularly pungent CSO on a brook, and there is a manhole with the...
  3. S

    Video - Bryn Brickworls Brick Kiln near Port Talbot South Wales

    Bryn and Cwmavon Brick Works Co. The earliest reference to this brickworks I can find is the 1906 Kelly's Directory and it appears in subsequent issues until the mid 1920s. A Grade II listed building, their website mentions that Bryn Brickworks was constructed after 1894 and continued production...

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Aug 2023

  5. Mr Sam

    Video - Pen-Yr-Orsedd Slate Quarry - North Wales - November '22

    Pen-Yr-Orsedd is home to the last standing blondin winder in Wales so its worth a visit just to see that! Theres quite a few winder buildings that would of controlled the blondin lift mechanisms then a large mill on the mid lever and a smaller older mill at the base of the quarry with a few old...
  6. inksurgeon

    Report - CANNON BREWERY | Sheffield

    Few shots from the less popular side of Cannon with @fastchrisuk , bigger than you think this place. These killer stairs are underground to the far left of the site
  7. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Greenside Railway Tunnel, West Yorkshire. 2022

    Greenside Tunnel - 618 Yards — G.N.R PUDSEY & LOW MOOR BRANCH — In 1882 the Great Northern Railway & Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway entered into an agreement to build a series of short connections to existing railways with a view of improving existing services through mutual running of the...
  8. Webbs0710

    Report - Greencore Desserts, Evercreech, November 22

    A local one for me, and with the short days over the winter, figured I should finally get it done, as it's been sat low on my list for a long while now. Definitely late to the party with this one, but I've only been doing this a little over a year now. Not been posted in a while either, so about...
  9. Webbs0710

    Report - Oscar Mayer, Chard, Jan 23

    Forgot about this place until I saw that it had been sold for housing in the local news. Means I visited a little late, so all the machinery has unfortunately been ripped out. Their distribution centre down the road was demolished immediately after closure, as the land was bought up by Numatic...
  10. inksurgeon

    Video - George Barnsley and Son's | Sheffield FPV

    WONDERLAND | FPV Going down the rabbit hole into this incredible factory lost in time. Really felt like something out of Alice in wonderland going throuh that hole, from a modern graf factory into something thats been frozen and nature has taken over. Been in this location many many years ago...
  11. Barneylad06

    Report - Earnley Education Centre - Chichester - May 2022

    History: The site was a residential centre offering leisure courses and activity weeks but closed back in 2011. It was then used for foreign language students and later advertised as a conference centre and wedding venue. So originally was a boarding school. The site attracted around 5,000...
  12. Y

    Report - Festival Park Shopping Centre - May 2022

    Hi, this is my first time posting so I hope I’ve posted this in the right section! This was a shopping centre in Ebbw Vale which only closed down last year because of the pandemic, however, it was getting a bit run down before that. History It used to be the site of one of the National garden...
  13. FKL770

    Report - Bromborough Central Power Station - Wirral, Merseyside - 9th of May 2022.

    After not being able to find an easy entrance at the front gates of the site and due to some fella in a Mercedes having a kip at the gates i decided to get in via the Mersey. I got onto the banks of the river further down and walked my way up to the power station, clambering over sewage overflow...
  14. m4dd13z666

    Report - Saddleworth High school - Uppermill - April 2022

    Apologys as there's very little history on this place as it only shut in February 2022 with the reason being that they are moving to a new state of the art school nearby, this premesis was described as crumbling and leaky, but I don't think it seemed in a bad state at all. The place is still...
  15. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Colwall Tunnel, Herefordshire - January 2022.

    Colwall Old Tunnel Colwall Old Tunnel - 1,567yds (1,433m) Herefordshire - January 2022. The biggest engineering challenge to face the Worcester and Hereford Railway was the Malvern Hills, at 1,567 yards Colwall Tunnel was driven under the hillside almost entirely by hand and reportedly through...
  16. I

    General - 2020 Bridgend area.

  17. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Queensbury Tunnel, Bradford - January 2022.

    Queensbury Tunnel, Bradford - January 2022 Queensbury Tunnel The 2,501 yard long Queensbury Tunnel connects Holmfield and Queensbury in West Yorkshire, England, built by the Great Northern Railway (GNR) it was the longest on the company's network at the time of its opening in 1878, In 1882...
  18. m4dd13z666

    Report - Chipping Norton Tunnel - Chipping Norton - Oxfordshire - December 2021

    Chipping Norton Tunnel Opened: 1887 Closed: 1962 715 Yards Long Horseshoe shaped in profile the structure is entirely brick built, with a lining comprising six rings. A falling gradient to the south of about 1:100 is incorporated, together with a curve of approximately 22 chains radius through...
  19. UrbexBee20

    Report - Share and Coulter Pub - Herne Bay - December 2021

    History and research of Share and Coulter pub The pub was closed and sold to an unknown bidder in September/October 2015 for £265,000 which has sat derelict ever since. In 2017 it was used as a traveller’s camp and a dumping area for fly-tippers. It will cost taxpayers about £16,000 to get...
  20. UrbexBee20

    Report - Selborne Brickworks - Hampshire - November 2021

    History of Selborne Brickworks Tower Brick & Tile Company Limited have been making handmade Selborne bricks and roof tiles at their site near Selborne since 1872. The company went into administration on 6th November 2009 and dissolved in August 2011. Selborne Bricks are made using traditional...