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    Report - Report - ROC Post - Bowes Park : October 2018

    In a compound in north london, it has a low fence around the ROC post, but thats easily climbed as its not very tall. The site is locked and also a padlock is chained and welded to the hole where you put torkey in, and the padlock is also gunked up with stuff inside. The condition of the post...
  2. Blue Danube

    Report - Raf Barnham Atomic Bomb Store (Suffolk)

    Hi all This is my first thread, hope it’s ok. I visited former raf Barnham in Suffolk, this is where our military stored the United Kingdom’s first free fall Atomic Bomb (blue Danube). I managed to walk around some of the perimeter and took some photos of the watch towers. It’s really hard to...

    Report - Hadleigh ROC Post (Suffolk) - Demolished - Remains - Feb 2018

    Many People who love Urbex or History like this often have the Blessing of an ROC Post near where they live, as originally they were around every 10 miles apart. However a large majority of Nuclear monitoring Posts being demolished, many do not know what or where their nearest sight is. I have...