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  1. Wastelandr

    Into the Zone: East Germany's Soviet Bases - September 2023

    Once again, I find myself doing a mega report. Every time I tell myself I’ll make it shorter, only to end up writing more. I’ve done a big intro here to set the scene but there’s plenty. I’ve got to thank UrbanX from DP and @The_Raw for some general advice on visiting these bases. We didn’t get...
  2. T

    Lead or Rumour info - RAF Trimingham possibly closing

    Looking along the Norfolk Coast for interesting sites. This may be one to keep an eye on, the bunker may become accessible in the next few years if it falls out of MOD hands, again. From WikiPedia: "In July 2022, it was announced that the radar at RAF Trimingham would be moved 8 miles (13 km)...
  3. S U B T E R

    Report - Bunker N0.7 Yorkshire water operations bunker - Cottingham - October 2021

    This operations bunker is one of 7 (this one being bunker NO.7) built by Yorkshire water in 1989 to continue operating Hulls water system in the event of a nuclear strike on the UK. This bunker has 7 rooms. A plant room, air filtration room, lobby/communications room, operations room...
  4. thelostmores

    Report - Royal Observer Corps Cold War bunker 15.08.20

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and already, it’s been great reading through pages of history and finding a few more amazing local spots to journey to in the future. I’ve been into urbex and the concept of abandoned buildings since I was a small child but I’ve never really consciously searched for...

    General - SHORTS TUNNELS, AIR RAID and FACTORY TOUR : Rochester, Kent : JULY 2021

    SHORTS TUNNELS KENT : JULY 2021 Attended as a guest upon invite. I will add the History blurb shortly... Please don't comment until after I have written some information about this place. I did manage to film most of it and have a 4 part youtube video covering most of the areas within.. But...
  6. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Medical bunker - Belgium - Jun 2020

    History: This small bunker was built as a small medical outpost for a airfield. Why it was built as an bunker was probably handy for when the airfield was bombed. After the treat of the cold war went away, this place was closed for good. Explore: Nowadays this small bunker is surprisingly well...
  7. J

    Information - roc post at streatley

    took a trip to this post after work one morning in good condition but the metal door at the top of the shaft is not secure. nice view into Oxfordshire and didcot
  8. M

    Report - Cawdor ROC Post, Nairnshire/Highlands and Islands - January 2020

    Date of visit: 11/01/2020 Apologies in advance for the possibly awful photos. I don't have a fancy camera, just my phone and this is my first "documented" exploration into something other than a few Pillboxes and abandoned houses.) Information provided by Post opened: 1960 Post...
  9. Urbexy

    Information - Virtual ROC Post

    This is a short animation I created to show how an ROC post would have operated had the unthinkable happened. Thankfully it never did!
  10. Llama

    Report - NGTE Pyestock Anechoic Facility Noise Test Chamber, Farnborough - November 2019

    "Everyone needs a good slice of Pyestock"... And I couldn't agree more! For a good few weeks, @Olkka and I had been planning something on a miniature road trip to Pyestock, and with a somewhat considerable amount of chopping and changing to our provisional dates, we finally followed through...

    Information - Hadleigh, Suffolk. WW2 Ammunition Depot, Searchlight Site, Pillboxes & possible tunnels?

    Hadleigh was a strategically important site for defense if Invasion from Germany ever occurred during WW2. Located in the Brett Valley, it was nicknamed 'Hadleigh Hole' by locals as entering it from any angle was a decline, thus being vulnerable to total surrounding. A Munitions Workshop, Camp &...
  12. B

    Report - Watton ROC post August 2019

    Thought I would share this as I cant seem to find many recent posts only old posts from 2008. This roc was a 91 closure and I was quite surprised that's it was still in relatively good condition. access was easy and it was unlocked there are still bits and Bob's down there like loo roll, soap...
  13. CalMain

    Report - Bampton ROC Post, Devon

    In rurual Mid Devon sat in a field, out of sight from the road that runs parrael, is an underground ROC Post. The ROC Post has a green lid to it which is not locked. After uncovering the lid there is a small shaft with a metal ladder decesending into the bunker. The post is not huge in size but...
  14. 20somethingexplorer

    Report - Report - ROC Post - Bowes Park : October 2018

    In a compound in north london, it has a low fence around the ROC post, but thats easily climbed as its not very tall. The site is locked and also a padlock is chained and welded to the hole where you put torkey in, and the padlock is also gunked up with stuff inside. The condition of the post...
  15. Blue Danube

    Report - Raf Barnham Atomic Bomb Store (Suffolk)

    Hi all This is my first thread, hope it’s ok. I visited former raf Barnham in Suffolk, this is where our military stored the United Kingdom’s first free fall Atomic Bomb (blue Danube). I managed to walk around some of the perimeter and took some photos of the watch towers. It’s really hard to...

    Report - Hadleigh ROC Post (Suffolk) - Demolished - Remains - Feb 2018

    Many People who love Urbex or History like this often have the Blessing of an ROC Post near where they live, as originally they were around every 10 miles apart. However a large majority of Nuclear monitoring Posts being demolished, many do not know what or where their nearest sight is. I have...