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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Zeche N4 - Germany - Mar, 2021.

    History: After the second world war the reconstruction of Europe had started. What laid central to this reconstruction was the hunger for energy. Coal was the most commonly available and cheap resource which could be used for the rebuilding of heavy industry in West-Germany. This demand caused...
  2. CallaWolf

    Report - Penallta Mine, South Wales Sept '21

    Penallta Colliery could be considered as the single most important colliery in South Wales – not just in terms of the place itself, but also what it represented. At its peak in the early 20th century, Penallta was one of the largest and most important pits in South Wales, employing 3,208 men in...
  3. MK83

    Report - Aspull Pumping Pit - Aspull, Wigan - September 2021

    We had a mooch around the ruins of Aspull Pumping Pit as we are currently looking round the remnants of the coal industry in our local area. While it is very much in a ruined state it was still interesting so we thought we'd stick it in a small report. History - Aspull Pumping Pit was built in...
  4. Wastelandr

    Report - Llanhilleth Colliery Pit Head Baths - August 2021

    Was on a brief trip to South Wales with little planning recently when I came across this gem. Having already seen Cwm Cokery, I was struggling to find more industrial ruins to go and see. After having a look at Penallta and Navigation Collieries, albiet unable to gain access, as well as quick...
  5. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - New Hawne Colliery - Halesowen - Feb 2020

    This is only our second thread (myself & @Narg1992). We thought we may as well post while we are in lockdown due to the amount of photos we have lying around! So as we are local to Halesowen we thought we might as well check out the New Hawne Colliery. Unfortunately we dont have much history on...
  6. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Charbonnage du B - November 2019

    The history of this coal mine started in 1907 the mine consisted of 2 pits. The mine closed in 1989 due to the decreasing demand for coal. It was an absolutely great place to explore! Coal tippers by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr Tracks by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr Tracks for head frame...
  7. M

    Report - Penallta Colliery, South Wales - January 2020

    I've always loved exploring around this spot, purely because there's always something new to find whenever I go there. Outdoors, the winding wheels still exist and still turn (in the wind). You have to climb through a gap in the fence to get to these structures properly but a majority of the...
  8. Wappy

    Report - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - Staffordshire - December 2019

    My Visit After seing a few reports on here and the place seeming to be getting worse i had to go have a look for myself while it was still possible. Thanks to @Saltburndan1971 for showing us the best bits. I wont go on too much about the history as there are plenty more reports that cover that...
  9. Hvdes

    Report - Wardley Colliery / The Zone, Newcastle - May 2019

    This is one of my older searches and low and behold the one day we chose to find this the weather gave us absolute hell. Anyway sometime last march me and my group went out on search for this colliery which used to be a indoor paintball arena as well if i remember correctly and its hidden just...
  10. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - Stoke-on-Trent - August 2019

    Chatterley Whitfield: I've wanted to explore this place for a very long time, but never really looked into it until recently when @UrbandonedTeam suggested we check it out. So one thursday morning all plans changed and we headed out to Stoke once again. The Explore: The first day we tried this...
  11. Crissisdecon

    Report - Firbeck Main Colliery - Aug 19

    Explore: I have been to this location many times as it is local for me. little remains of the Colliery now, just the remains of the pit baths and the power house. the main focal point of this explore has to be the amazing graffiti, with a lot of work by Coloquix along with other local artists...
  12. NottinghamUrbexNewbie

    Report - Firbeck Colliery- May 2019

    The constuction of Firbeck Colliery began in 1923 by the Firbeck Main Colliery Company Ltd with the sinking of the two shafts, mining began in 1925 on the Barnsley Bed Seam, this seam would end up been the only one worked by Firbeck in it's rather short career. In 1934 the Firbeck Pit Head...
  13. UrbanNoodle

    Report - Thorsby Colliery - April 2016

    Thorsby Colliery, A little delay but here we are, Slight wikipedia copyright but I'll credit below Thoresby colliery opened in 1925, The first two shafts in 1925 were sunk to 690 metres (2,260 ft). The shafts were deepended by 109 metres (358 ft) in the 1950s. After privatization of the...
  14. M

    Report - Point of Ayr Colliery, Flintshire

    Point of Ayr Collier (site of), Flintshire, North Wales. Visit to the site in 2013. The site was North Wales' last colliery and closed in 1996. There were no buildings left, just a footbridge and lots of railway lines, standard gauge and narrow gauge. One photo shows the Talacre gas terminal...