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  1. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Moseley Green Railway Tunnel / Forest of Dean - 2024

    Moseley Green Tunnel (503 Yards) Severn & Wye Rly. Opened 1872 - Closed 1951 The Severn & Wye Railway was authorised by an Act of Parliament in 1809 and opened the following year as a horse-drawn tramway. In 1865 five locomotives were purchased and the route was mostly converted to broad...
  2. Barneylad06

    Report - Sygun Copper Mine Equipment - Snowdonia, UK - April 2022

    History: Sygun Copper Mine is a Victorian copper mine which closed in 1903 but was renovated and reopened by the Amies family as a tourist attraction in 1986, focusing on audio-visual tours of the underground workings. It is still open to the public today. Sygun Copper Mine was once a main...
  3. m4dd13z666

    Report - Withcall Tunnel - Lincolnshire - December 2021

    The history : Opened 1876 Closed 1956 971 yards long. Work on Withcall Tunnel got underway in January 1852 with the driving of a 10 foot heading through sandstone and chalk. The Louth & Lincoln Railway’s original plan was for a bore of 803 yards but this was extended to 971 yards when a...
  4. m4dd13z666

    Report - Bramcote Secondary School - Nottingham - October 2021

    The Bramcote Secondary School The history: Bramcote school was the first school to be built on the Bramcote Hills Site. In 1948 it opened as a Secondary Modern boys school named Bramcote Hills Boys School, and was previously a hospital in ww2. Bramcote Park Comprehensive School became a...
  5. m4dd13z666

    Report - Brunswick Tunnel & Air Raid Shelter - Harrogate - North Yorkshire - October 2021

    Brunswick Tunnel And Air Raid Shelter. The rather long winded write up: The York and North Midland Railway opened in 1839, connecting York with the Leeds and Selby Railway and in 1840 with the North Midland Railway at Normanton near Leeds. The line was largely financed by George Hudson who...
  6. m4dd13z666

    Report - Soothill Tunnel - Batley - August 2021

    Soothill (Woodkirk) Tunnel: Opened: 1890 Closed: 1953 659 Yards long. The Great Northern's 4¾ mile connection between Batley and Beeston Junction, on the Leeds branch of the East Coast Main Line, opened for goods traffic in July 1890, with passenger services introduced a month later. The...
  7. m4dd13z666

    Report - The Standedge Tunnels

    Standedge tunnels. The Standedge Tunnels are four parallel tunnels through the Pennine Hills at the Standedge crossing between Marsden and Diggle. 3 are Railway Tunnels the other is a Canal Tunnel. The Double Line North Tunnel is still live, as is the Canal Tunnel, The Central (Nicholson) and...
  8. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Ingarsby Tunnel (March 2020)

    Ingarsby Tunnel - 516yards* March 2020. Ingarsby Tunnel sometimes referred to as Thurnby tunnel or Square Spinney tunnel although I’ve only ever known it as Ingarsby, lies to the east of Leicester. Opened in 1882, and closed in 1964. It has been infilled at the eastern portal, but the western...
  9. Wappy

    Report - Drewton Tunnel East Yorkshire Aug 2019

    I noticed this one hadnt been done recently and its been on my list for a long time so i jumped at the change when i got asked to go. If you plan on going in through the Eastern end dont make the mistake i did and park near the farmers house as he doesnt like people going through his field so...
  10. S

    Video - Spinkhill Tunnel, Derbyshire

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, so new to all this. Recently We took a trip & a good light to the 501 Yard long Spinkhill Tunnel in Derbyshire. The 501 yards long tunnel was opened by the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway (later part of the Great Central Railway and...
  11. kernow84

    Report - disused swimming pool complex north cornwall formally part of a hotel

    came across this swimming pool a few days ago, access was easy enough, just straight through the fence! it was part of a large hotel complex that dates from the thirties hotel has been built on, there is an indoor pool aswell but not able to get in
  12. C

    Derelict and Decaying Vehicles, Caravans & Bikes in Winchester, UK.

    Here goes my first post... Was tipped off that there was a location in Winchester with some abandoned vehicles. I had a quick look and it was easy enough to find, with just a wire fence separating it from a public footpath. I slipped under the gate and was in! These are the initial photos just...