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Derelict and Decaying Vehicles, Caravans & Bikes in Winchester, UK.


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Here goes my first post...
Was tipped off that there was a location in Winchester with some abandoned vehicles. I had a quick look and it was easy enough to find, with just a wire fence separating it from a public footpath. I slipped under the gate and was in! These are the initial photos just taken on my Samsung S8 and edited, with more to come once my film develops. Just as I was wrapping up the presumed owner pulled up, after ducking behind some diggers and waiting for him to go inside a shed I managed to slip out under the fence in time. I probably wouldn't recommend, as the owner does seem to be there quite regularly!

There was also some sheds, a large locked building, motorbikes and old appliances scattered about.

2018-05-20 12.42.27 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.17 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.21 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.23 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.28 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.30 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.34 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.35 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.39 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.43 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.44 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.45 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.43.01 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.59 1.jpg
2018-05-20 12.42.57 1.jpg

2018-05-20 12.42.47 1.jpg
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