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  1. moldandasbestos

    Report - Atik Roof, Wrexham (March 2024)

    I'm convinced Atik isn't abandoned YET. Been here twice now, second time police turned up but got away nicely ;)Best part was watching them look for us from the other side of the street 🤣 Previously this was an Odeon, history on the bottom. A nightclub ran by Rekom UK who operate 50 bars, pubs...
  2. tobytron

    Report - Methodist church central hall - Birmingham - March/24

    This place has been featured on this site multiple times before but the latest report I can find on it was in 2018. I thought I would give it a write up despite my sub-par camera as an update as the building has undergone some changes in the last 6 years. History (Shameless wikipedia copy...
  3. GRONK

    Report - Royal Court Theatre, Wigan - May 2018

    May 2018 The Visit While taking a trip down memory lane and browsing through my old photographs, I stumbled upon the ones I took at the Royal Court Theatre in Wigan. Surprisingly, I realised that I had never shared these photos before. I visited this Theatre with @coolboyslim on a delightful...
  4. UrbexBee20

    Report - Club Karma Nightclub - Dover - October 21

    History of Club Karma This nightclub has been abandoned since May 2014 and is due to be turned into 29 flats. It’s a 1950’s building and the venue was first opened in the late 1990’s to punters. It has been rebranded multiple times under the names of NuAge, Studio 1, Karma, Déjà Vu. There were...
  5. G

    General - Old technology collage and old Liquid nightclub Sunderland

    Taken a few year ago when I worked there the place has been trashed and is currently abandoned
  6. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Mode Nightclub, Bradford, Jan 2020

    Mode Nightclub Bradford, West Yorkshire January 2020 - HISTORY The notorious Mode Nightclub is located right next to the Alhambra Theatre and behind the abandoned Odeon Theatre in Bradford City Centre and has been empty since 2011. Sources suggest that the club was shut down following...
  7. UrbexUnknown

    The Former Raquels Night Club in Basildon, Essex (November 2019)

    The Biggest Explore Yet? Photos That Have Never Seen Before. History of The Nightclub “Raquels” in Basildon: Before 1958 Basildon town centre had not existed but with a rising population and the ongoing construction of new housing estates Basildon Development Corporation, established just nine...
  8. Klezzic

    Report - Abandoned Nightclub!

    If you’re from or around Newcastle an interesting spot to try could be the burnt down nightclub just up from the Millennium Bridge (newcastle side) its impossible to miss! Huge white building with exposed roofing pillars (obviously burnt) However getting in may require some physical finesse or...
  9. Serenity4

    Report - Nightclub/Bank Vaults Hampshire, June 2018

    Nightclub/Bank Vaults Our Visit: We briefly remember seeing a report on this site a couple of months previous to this visit but never really got the opportunity to look inside and with people saying how hard it was to scale the wall to get in we didn't really get our hopes up. Anyway, after...
  10. gaztruman

    Report - Festival Club - Sant Josep, Ibiza - June 2018

    An abandoned night club called 'Festival Club' which is set in the Sant Josep hills in Ibiza. It opened in 1972 and closed after two seasons in 1972.
  11. xexxa

    Report - Colt - Havant, April 2018

    I remember the first time I drove past Colt, it was active but had an air of dereliction about it. It reminded me very much of Coors. I was sure it wouldn't be long until it was left, and lo and behold, few months later when my premonition came true. Secca was hanging around, and I thought I...
  12. ShutterBug

    Report - Circus Circus - Hull (May 2018)

    Circus Circus / Hull / May 2018 Circus Circus is a former nightclub situated in the centre of Hull. There's not too much information on the place however using Facebook and Google I've been able to find out that this place closed in 2006. When the building was originally constructed in 1931 it...
  13. J

    Report - Twighlites/Elliots Nightclub Essex - Visit 12th May 2018

    Hello - This is my first post so I do apologise if this is boring and bad! This is my first Urbex visit as Urbex is something I have only recently stumbled across (I'm probably 5-10 years too late because all the amazing stuff I have seen on this site has pretty much now been...
  14. Clarky1503

    Report - Prudential Assurance Building and Basement Club - Oldham - March 2018

    A stunning grade two listed gem decaying right on the high street. Featuring the stunning architecture of Alfred Waterhouse who also designed Strangeways prison the Manchester town hall and many other wonders. The main building has been used for many different purposes over the years as well...
  15. GRONK

    Report - The New Plaza Cinema, Crewe - June 2016

    June 2016 This place has had many names over the years The Plaza, The Gaunt, The Apollo and finally the M Club. The place has been on my list for a long time and with the Demo crews moving in on the site this week I decided it was time to pay it a visit. Visited with @Shimmy5305 a few times...
  16. GRONK

    Report - Zanzibar, Newcastle Under Lyme - July 2015

    New Find on 28DL Zanzibar was a large night club 'Super Club' located near Newcastle Under Lyme town centre. The building is a former ballroom and music venue, There isn't much history on this place, other then over the last few years there has been many rumours that the club is to reopen (But...
  17. GRONK

    Report - The Limelight, Crewe - June 2015

    New Find On 28DL The Limelight was a popular live music venue located just a 2 minute walk from Crewe Town Centre, the main building was constructed in 1869 as a church complete with a connected church hall. It was converted (along with several joining houses) into a club that was very popular...