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Report - Twighlites/Elliots Nightclub Essex - Visit 12th May 2018


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Hello 28DaysLater.com - This is my first post so I do apologise if this is boring and bad!

This is my first Urbex visit as Urbex is something I have only recently stumbled across (I'm probably 5-10 years too late because all the amazing stuff I have seen on this site has pretty much now been turned into housing estates). I dragged my partner along who was very reluctant at first but enjoyed it once she got there! I had researched into this Nightclub before and read up on various visits as I wasn't sure what to expect. I've read lots of stories about security (good and bad) and as it was our first time we decided to go for something with easy access and simple. I knew there wasn't going to be much here from previous visits but we all have to start somewhere right?


This site was a Nightclub in 80s/90s I believe was known as Elliots then changed to Twighlites. From my understanding it has been abandoned for a long time as all that resides at the site is the shell of the nightclub. It is located just off Southend Arterial Road opposite the Halfway House Pub. From research I have found out that all of the fixtures and furnishings were left when it closed down but unfortunately none of that remains. In 2007 the Basildon & Brentwood Council granted permission for a car show room, workshop and restaurant to be built however plans fell through. An application was also put in to the council in 2015 for demolition of the Nightclub and Petrol station and construction of residential units which is unknown to have been accepted.


Upon researching I found that entry to the site was easily accessible just by jumping a metal gate. When we arrived we were greeted by a large mound of earth which we presumed the gate was under. I noticed towards the side of the mound there was an evident entry point which had probably been made as people gained access to the site previously. As mentioned before we were aware the place was completely trashed and there was nothing exciting to see but we had to start somewhere. Unfortunately it was was pouring when we got there so pictures were limited. We also only visited the nightclub. We decided that we would venture back on another day and explore the whole site on a day with better weather as it was very overgrown and wet. There is a small staircase leading to the main platform of the nightclub which I guess would have been main entrance. There were a lot of bricks lying about and holes in the ceiling. We didn't venture into the site as we wasn't sure how secure the foundations were (we also forgot our torch!). There is an open plan room in the first few pictures and the second section of pictures are behind the nightclub which I am assuming was a power/electric room and possibly toilets.

If you are going to visit this site please be aware that if you use your flash when taking photos a pigeon may fly directly at your lens and scare the crap out of you!










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Not much to note on thos place so youve got a lot of good history points for a first report, one thing you shouldnt do is explain how you got in, police and security firms watch this site and will follow you instructions! Apart from that a great first report, and welcome to the site

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Hi Guys.

To update on the site, I visited a few times in May, and of course the condition was similar to above. i wonder if it was OP that moved the sofa aha!
We filmed my band's video here after the first scout (check it out!
After retuning a couple weeks later I found the mud wall that blocked the original site entrance had been parted and a gate put in place that read "Welcome to bull mews". CCTV signs were also in place for the first time. Online you can find plans for the construction of residential homes (from 2015!). I think they are slowly starting preparations to make this a reality :( Gutting! But the day spent filming there was a pleasure and I'm glad we got to look round just in time. Please check out the video if you would. I'm new here so drop me a message too!