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Report - Nightclub/Bank Vaults Hampshire, June 2018


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Nightclub/Bank Vaults

Our Visit: We briefly remember seeing a report on this site a couple of months previous to this visit but never really got the opportunity to look inside and with people saying how hard it was to scale the wall to get in we didn't really get our hopes up. Anyway, after finding the location we headed down one weekend to see if we could have a quick mooch around. After finding our way in, we came across this pretty impressive nightclub space, its pretty dark but hasn't been completely smashed to pieces. The staircases are pretty cool and take you all the way from the basement up to the roof, which we managed to get on top of. The majority of the upstairs is pretty grim, pigeon shit, needles, bottles of piss..you get the idea, it's interesting but not the sort of place you really want to stay for very long.

The more interesting part lays in the basement, previously used by the bank of England. Ginormous safe doors cells and a network of corridors. We got the feeling that back in the day the place must have been like Fort Knox and for obvious reasons. It's worth checking out if you happen to be in the area but just watch out for anyone weird hanging around in there, seems that sort of place... Also, we did some research after our visit and we missed out on some sort of sub-basement? We tried to get down further when we were there but it was flooded so not quite sure how much we missed out on.














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Not too shabby. Shame the vault doesn't have a little more flair, but well shot anyway.


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I went here a bit when it was open, quite interesting to see inside again!

What's access like? not asking for routes, just easy or hard.


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Not too shabby. Shame the vault doesn't have a little more flair, but well shot anyway.
Thanks, Yeah the vaults aren't the greatest, but none the less quite interesting. Worth taking a quick look if you need to tick it off the list

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