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  1. MK83

    Report - Hic Bibby and Red Rock Culverts - Coppull/Red Rock, Lancashire - October 2021

    Draining is an aspect of urbex we haven't tried upto now so we thought we'd dip our toes in quite literally. We started off by having a wonder through the red rock culvert as we were in the area hunting for remains of coal mining and were walking the route of the Lancashire Union railway through...
  2. MK83

    Report - Montcliffe Colliery - Winter Hill, Horwich, Bolton - September 2021

    This is going to be quite a short report on the remains we found of Montcliffe Colliery. Winter Hill near Bolton is famous locally for the huge T.V. mast at the top and is popular with walkers but it has been extensively mined and Quarried in the past. There were multiple collieries around the...
  3. MK83

    Report - RAF Calveley - Nantwich, Cheshire - September 2021

    History - RAF Calveley was planned as a night fighter base for the defence of the cities of the industrial North West, such as Manchester and Liverpool. It was to perform as a satellite to the day fighter base at Atcham (Shrewsbury) in the Ternhill Sector, but by the time the Airfield was...
  4. MK83

    Report - Unity Mill - Stockport - September 2021

    History - Unity mill is thought to have been constructed in the 1860s for spinning cotton and was formerly known as Trianon Mill. By the 1890’s the mill was converted to a rubber works then back again to a textile mill. The site has been used for the manufacture of products for the food, animal...
  5. MK83

    Report - RAF Cranage - Byley, Cheshire - August 2021

    This was a small WW2 explore as we had a free morning and it's not to far from us. I'm fascinated by all thing WW2 so while there wasn't a massive amount to see what was left was interesting. History - The site at Cranage was chosen for use as a training station and aircraft maintenance unit...
  6. MK83

    Report - Tarmac building materials - Little Lever, Bolton - July 2021

    History - Not really much history on this place. It was a factory that manufactured concrete construction goods. It looks like it was opened around 1948 and closed in 2019. Explore - We noticed an article about houses being built on the site of this place so we went for a quick look while in...
  7. MK83

    Report - Woolton Hall - Liverpool - May 2021 - Permission visit

    We've wanted a look at this for a while and with us having our lad with us today we thought this would be a good one to take him too. The caretaker is more than happy to let people explore it so we armed our lad with our old bridge camera so he could get involved and went for a mooch. It's...
  8. MK83

    Report - Blackeleys recycling - Platt Bridge, Wigan - April 2021

    History - There isn't any history on this site, not really sure who it belongs to or why it's there. We spotted this from a distance driving through and curiosity got the better of us so we went and took a gander. Most of the buses seem to be from the 90's/00's. Brings back memories of catching...
  9. MK83

    Report - Hurst Sand Quarry - Biddulph, Staffordshire - April 2021

    History - There isn't a lot of history available for this place. From what we can find online the quarry has been used for mineral extraction since at least 1877 up until 2014. There were plans to build houses on the site but it seems this has now fallen through. The latest plans are to re-open...
  10. MK83

    Report - Eva Brothers/Crabtree Forge - Clayton, Manchester - April 21

    History - Established in 1898 Eva Brothers Ltd was a traditional Forge specialising in the forging of stainless steel, nickel and other alloys. Their Manchester base was known as Crabtree Forge, and was one of the last traditional forge works to remain in the area. The piston con-rods for the...
  11. MK83

    Report - Ridge Lea Hospital, Lancaster - March 2021

    History - During the nineteenth century Lancaster became a provincial centre for the treatment of mental illness. In 1809 it was decided that the proposed County Lunatic Asylum would be built at Lancaster; a recognition of Lancaster’s status as the county town. Lancaster Moor Hospital was...
  12. MK83

    Report - Bid Food - Scarisbrick, Lancashire - March 2021

    History - As per the other report on this from last year there isn't much history to be found. This site was owned by Bid food who previously traded as booker foods and 3663. The site closed in 2018. The warehouse seems to have been built on the site of an old farm dating to the 1900's and the...
  13. MK83

    Report - Camelot Theme Park - Charnock Richard - November 2020 (Probably last report, full demolition has begun)

    History - Opened in 1983 by Park Hall Leisure, it enticed both adults and children with the legend of King Arthur, his knights of the Round Table, and the wizard Merlin. And by the late 80s, the site's golden age had arrived after the opening of rides including Dragon Heights, Kingdom in the...
  14. MK83

    Report - Ormskirk Magistrates Court - Ormskirk - November 2020

    History - The court is a grade 11 listed building which opened in 1850. It served as both the magistrates court and the coroners court and also housed the local town constable. It closed down in 2016 and is due to be turned into an aparthotel. Explore - Visited this early last week as soon as...
  15. MK83

    Report - ST Peters Church, Bryn, Wigan - October 2020

    History - Opened in 1961 on the site of the original wooden church built in 1902. The Venerable Archdeacon Arthur White , who had been St Peter's first curate in 1909, laid the foundation stone on 17th September 1960. The new church was consecrated on the 16th August 1961 by the then Bishop of...
  16. Webb7 Photography

    Report - WH Shaw Pallet Works - Diggle - July 2019

    History (Stolen from a previous report by @The Lone Ranger. Sorry not sorry ) 'By far the most impressive building in Diggle is the Dobcross Loom Works; built in 1860 and located on the Canal side of Huddersfield Road about 300 yards from the junction with Standedge Road. For 37 years until...
  17. Webb7 Photography

    Report - POW Camp Widnes/Warrington

    Visited this site over the weekend, access to the site is very easy no security. Not a bad visit and think I got some decent shots on this one. The site is very overgrown and unstable so if anyone visits I would advise to probably avoid the top floor as there are chunks missing out of it. There...
  18. A

    Question - Belmont Bleaching works

    Has anyone been to Belmont bleach works ? We went twice and we're not sure if the camera system is automated as it only spoke to us after like 5 minutes of being detectes