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  1. Amateur

    Lead or Rumour info - Toddle Inn, Belfast

    Hey guys. I need some information or anything about the past. As the title suggests, it is an abandoned toddler day care place just off the Saintfield Road. If you have any information on it or how I could find any PM me. Thanks

    Sweetwater Nursery, Witley Surrey

    Sweetwater Nursery Once was a thriving nursery serving the locals of witley and further afield , if you needed it or saw it out somewhere they had it , i cant remember the time it closed down but i have been here quite a bit over the years then it dawned on me i have not done a report ...sooo...
  3. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Annexe Centre/Spiral Arts - Gillingham - June 2018

    The Annexe centre/Spiral Arts centre in Gillingham, Kent. It was a nursery school and community art centre. From what I've found online, it was abandoned in around 2009 and then went up in flames a few months later. That being said, there were a lot of belongings we found still in the building...