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  1. CantClimbTom

    Report - Permanent Snow in England (Eldon Hole, End of May 2023)

    Disclaimer: I sometimes chose to explore solo but I am not encouraging or endorsing repeats of any of my trips. Don't turn up to take a look yourself with some old climbing rope and prusiks - you might die. Many caving clubs use it for srt training so contact one of them if needed. Summer Snow...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Cowdale Lime Works, Derbyshire - November 2022

    Introduction Another one from my Peak District exploring trip a few months back. Unfortunately, as I was short on time I only did the main Lime Kiln structure and the gatehouse/auxiliary buildings at the beginning of the track. There is a fair bit more to this site which can be seen in various...
  3. dansgas1000

    Watermill, Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbyshire - November 2022

    Introduction On a recent solo visit to the peaks, this was one of the locations on my to-do list which I’ve wanted to see for a while. There was no access therefore no internal shots but still report-worthy as there was quite a bit to see externally. History & Information I don’t believe this...
  4. SuspiciousFox

    Report - Cowdale Quarry and Lime Works, Buxton, June 2022

    History The town of Buxton sits on the edge of a plateau of limestone, and ever since the ancient times has been dug up and used for multiple purposes, such as in construction and agriculture. Limestone remains a useful resource to this day and is used in multiple industries, including in...
  5. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Peak District Church - Ocotber 2018

    Whilst on a hike in the Peaks we stumbled across this little hidden church in complete disrepair and all of the gravestones unkept and forgotten. UrbexTreasure
  6. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Silica Bricks Ganister Mine Sheffield, November 2019

    A ganister (or sometimes gannister) is hard, fine-grained quartzose sandstone, or orthoquartzite, used in the manufacture of silica brick typically used to line furnaces. Ganisters are cemented with secondary silica and typically have a characteristic splintery fracture. You can check out all...
  7. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Cowdale Lime Works, Derbyshire - August 2019

    The surrounding buildings definitely look very neo-egyptian and it almost makes the site look like its a themed area out of a closed theme park. There isn't that much other than the buildings and the kilns to see here, but still, a worthwhile explore. You can check out all my photos from this...
  8. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Buxton Waterworks, Derbyshire - August 2019

    A nice little explore, the inside to this building is much bigger than it looks from the outside! You can check out all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr. Background: Buxton pumping plant (also seen referenced as Stanley Moor Waterworks) was originally constructed by The Buxton...
  9. CaverPete

    Information - Access to Abandoned Mines in the UK

    Hi all. Following on from the recent post about Mandale Mine, I thought some information about the legal status of old mines and why they are often locked/gated would be a benefit to post on it's own thread. I am currently the volunteer Projects Officer for the Derbyshire Caving Association. I...