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  1. DeadintheGrave

    Report - Fairfield Industrial Park - Pelaw May/August 2023 Pt 2

    Part 2 of my previous report After spending about an hour or so exploring this goldmine warehouse of tools, clothing, chemicals and other random bs me and Piko finally decide to head out and explore the rest of the site. Unfortunately there wasn't any other accessible buildings but we did get...
  2. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - PowerPlant T, Italy - July 2023

    POWERPLANT T THE HISTORY: As with many European sites, the history is scarce and more limited in availability here than in most UK places, so I’ve gathered what I can! Powerplant T boasted two thermoelectric turbines powered by coal on the site of two other modern power stations. Opened in...
  3. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Fawley Control Room

    FAWLEY POWER STATION CONTROL ROOM THE HISTORY: Fawley Power Station was first commissioned in 1971 and was powered by heavy fuel oil, which is essentially a more viscous version of diesel; the same fuel is often used in marine vessels due to its efficiency and high delivery of torque. Being...
  4. Pixels

    Report - Lostock Power Station, Cheshire - June 2016

    Lostock Power Station, originally owned by Bowman Thompson & Company, was one of the UK's last remaining coal-fired power stations. It was later sold to Brunner Mond in 1900 and produced sixty tonnes of soda ash a day, increasing to 800 tonnes a day by 1926 with all of the Brunner Mond assets...
  5. Llama

    Report - Eggborough Power Station, North Yorkshire - February 2020

    Explored with @Ojay, @slayaaaa, @xplorer.x and @Terminal Decline History: Eggborough Power Station was a 2-gigawatt coal-fired generating plant in North Yorkshire, built between 1962 and 1970, and first began generating electricity in 1967 just before the completion of the site in 1970. The...
  6. Llama

    Report - Ferrybridge C Power Station, West Yorkshire - February 2020

    Explored with @slayaaaa, @Terminal Decline and @xplorer.x History: Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire was commissioned by the Central Electricity Generating Board and was built between 1962 and 1968. The ‘C’ Station was the third power station to be built at Ferrybridge. In addition to...
  7. Wappy

    Report - Eggborough Power Station, Feb 2020

    My Visit This was my second attempt here got caught the first time but i wasnt giving up. This was probably one of the hardest ive done not because of secca, altho they are on the ball, but more the size of the place and trying to get round. The History Eggborough Power Station was a large...
  8. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - Stoke-on-Trent - August 2019

    Chatterley Whitfield: I've wanted to explore this place for a very long time, but never really looked into it until recently when @UrbandonedTeam suggested we check it out. So one thursday morning all plans changed and we headed out to Stoke once again. The Explore: The first day we tried this...
  9. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Staffordshire - July/September 2018

    NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE ROYAL INFIRMARY Haven't posted on here in a VERY long time so decided to give it a shot again. THE EXPLORE: So this is sort of a joint report of the two times that I went here, once in July with UrbandonedTeam and KingOfBongo, then went again with ExplorerX and a couple...
  10. PerryGoesPlaces

    Video - Odeon Cinema, Harlow - August 2018

    Having been inside this building most of last Summer with my mates, I wasn't into taking pictures and recording then but now I am I thought I would give the Cinema a revisit. My fellow exploring partner @Smiffyboi uploaded a post on here last summer which received a lot of attention and is most...