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Report - North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Staffordshire - July/September 2018


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Haven't posted on here in a VERY long time so decided to give it a shot again.

So this is sort of a joint report of the two times that I went here, once in July with UrbandonedTeam and KingOfBongo, then went again with ExplorerX and a couple others who aren't on here.
Got in after avoiding locals and walking right past a security guard.
The architecture is what you'd expect from a hospital of its age. It was pretty nice, and some cool looking long corridors connecting the whole site together.
First time I went security somehow knew we were in there, and we could hear them following us in the distance, looking for us, though they never caught us as the site is huge and we left not too long after anyway.
On my second visit we didn't even have a problem. Got in and never had to worry about security. One of our group even turned the Operating Theatre Section's alarm off that had been on for years!

First room we found with power. The photo really doesn't do it justice for how much it lights up the room when these are on; goes from being pitch black to properly bright.


Second visit (better cinematics):
- Cinematics at 2:24
Initial visit:
- Cinematics at 3:59

First operating room you get to. No power in this one unfortunately, but loved the green ceiling panels and those air vents on the ceiling.

Really liked this corridor with its naturally decaying walls and those door with the amazing circular windows.

Loved this entrance hall. Really like the architecture. Unfortunately it was quite dark in here so had to bump up the ISO.

One of the nicest parts of a building for decay I've seen, really liked the turquoise mixed with the white wall and peeling paint.

This was the children's ward as shown by the images on the wall. Only noticed after I looked back at my photos, but there's an ironic Trespassing sign on the wall there ;)

Definitely not the best photo of this chapel, nor a photo of the best condition of the chapel. Thought it's better than right now, as all of the chairs have gone and it looks incredibly bare.

Believe this is the only bed I found in this place, though I'm probably remembering wrong! No power to the light though unfortunately.

Another operating theatre. Though it doesn't look it, this room was totally pitch black. Had the shutter open for at least 10 seconds from memory while light painting to make this!

Another operating room, again without power.

Really liked these long corridors connecting everything. This place is like a maze so we used the signs around the hospital to direct us haha.

These are just some notes in a room next to another operating theatre that I thought might be interesting to look at.

Was quite happy with how this one turned out. This was an A&E operating theatre light.

An A&E operating theatre. Some cretin decided to smash the light off the one on the right, and the third light that's out of shot was also smashed :/

Not the greatest photo in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but decided to post this to demonstrate the size of this place. That building is only a small part as well, and it's detached from everything else.

A short-stay ward while patients waited to be emitted to an operating theatre.

A close up of one of the theatre's lights.

Hope this wasn't too bad, thanks for viewing!

- Oli