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  1. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Fawley Control Room

    FAWLEY POWER STATION CONTROL ROOM THE HISTORY: Fawley Power Station was first commissioned in 1971 and was powered by heavy fuel oil, which is essentially a more viscous version of diesel; the same fuel is often used in marine vessels due to its efficiency and high delivery of torque. Being...
  2. FKL770

    Report - Bromborough Central Power Station - Wirral, Merseyside - 9th of May 2022.

    After not being able to find an easy entrance at the front gates of the site and due to some fella in a Mercedes having a kip at the gates i decided to get in via the Mersey. I got onto the banks of the river further down and walked my way up to the power station, clambering over sewage overflow...
  3. Mr Budge

    Report - Eggborough Power Station - May 2021

    Brief History A large decommissioned coal fired power station in the North of England which was capable of co-firing biomass, The station had a generating capacity of 1,960 megawatts, enough electricity to power 2 million homes. It began generating power back in 1967 making use of nearby coal...
  4. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Powerplant AEG - Germany - Jun. 2020

    History: The history of this classic power station dates back to the beginning of the 1900s. At this time coal was extracted from a nearby mine. This mine quickly grew out to be quite a successful one so it was decided to expand their operations. This expansion also included a small coal powered...
  5. Nick1979

    Report - Yelland power station 12/07/2020

    Visited Yelland power station in North Devon, not much left and there is a some what building site there on part of it also. the pier is still there and you can access half way but gated to the end. Shame didn’t get to it before the main building was taken down would have been a great explore...
  6. obscureserenity

    Report - Kelenföld Control Room - Hungary, March 2019

    History Kelenföld Power Plant is located in Budapest and was originally established in 1914, in conjunction with Hungary's electrification program. It was known as one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced throughout Europe and supplied electricity to the entire capital. The...
  7. samla89

    Report - Central Power Station, Bromborough, Wirral (01/04/2019)

    Had heard about this place ages ago, and went there not even sure if it was still there, sure enough it was! I was pleasently surprised by this place, and by how much of it was accessible. History: Was built in 1918 for the purpose of supplying electricity to Port Sunlight village and the...
  8. GRONK

    Report - Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine - September 2018

    September 2018 I have wanted to see this place with my own eyes since I was a young boy seeing images and footage on TV, I visited for two days with a non member and spent the night in the Chernobyl Town hostel . Despite spending two days in the exclusion zone I can confidently say that we...
  9. Prison Dad

    Report - Willington Power Station Cooling Towers, Derbyshire, 7th May 2018

    This is my first post on here so please bear with the terrible pictures as they were all taken on my phone on which I cracked the lens a few weeks before but it was all I had as I had left my camera at home. Anyway, I came up here on a long 25-mile cycle from Nottingham with my friend and since...
  10. Ant DaddyDon Meehan

    Report - Huncoat Power Station

    It was a cold Sunday morning when me and 2 mates decided to do Rossendale Asylum but after a epic fail of being met by a nice German Shepard as we approached the old building it was sadly ended then we were advised about this place by sonyes as was only 6 miles down the road so decided to try it...
  11. Exxperious

    Report - Littlebrook D Chimney Climb, Dartford, London, April 2018 STAY IN NP FOR NOW

    Littlebrook Chimney Climb The 705ft (215m) tall chimney is the fourth largest in the UK, sitting on the river Thames next to the Dartford crossing and Queen Elizabeth 2 Bridge. Massive props to @slayaaaa for this one, wouldn’t have been possible without his help. History Littlebrook power...