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  1. MK83

    Report - Unity Mill - Stockport - September 2021

    History - Unity mill is thought to have been constructed in the 1860s for spinning cotton and was formerly known as Trianon Mill. By the 1890’s the mill was converted to a rubber works then back again to a textile mill. The site has been used for the manufacture of products for the food, animal...
  2. DeaKew

    Report - Merseyway Tunnel, Stockport, April 2021

    History The River Mersey begins where the Rivers Goyt and Tame meet just outside Stockport town centre. The Mersey divided the town, with the Lancashire Bridge being one of the only crossings in Stockport. This bridge was first mentioned in 1282; the current bridge dates from 1891 and was...
  3. DeaKew

    Report - Tiviot Dale Tunnel, Stockport, January 2021

    History Stockport Teviot Dale was opened on 1st December 1865 by Stockport, Timperley and Altrincham Junction Railway, although it was locally referred to as Tiviot Dale and the name was changed to reflect this in 1874. The station operated until January 1967 when it was permanently closed down...

    Anyone in Manchester want to explore?

    Hello I’m 19 and just started up a YouTube channel. Already done a couple videos and now I am looking for Someone to team up with to explore.
  5. Clarky1503

    Report - Taxal Lodge - Whaley Bridge / Taxal - March 2018

    Taxal Lodge - Photographic Report - 2018 Taxel Lodge Photographic Report - 11th March 2018 Built-in 1904 Taxal Lodge was once the home of Lt. Col. H. Ramsden Jodrell, Who passed away in 1950. The home became a Special School, for disruptive and emotionally disturbed kids that lived on site 5...