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  1. MacMan

    Report - Station Hotel, Ayr – April 2023

    Background History Ayr’s Station Hotel opened in 1886 and was built as part of a new main railway station for Ayr. It was designed by Andrew Galloway, chief engineer of the Glasgow and South Western Railway company, and was constructed in a French Renaissance style with a Scottish influence...
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - Verne Citadel Married Quarters, Isle of Portland - March 2023

    This was a chance discovery whilst on holiday to Dorset earlier this year. I'd arranged to meet a friend at Portland and whilst parking up we came across this interesting bit of military heritage (hopefully this makes the cut above residential :rolleyes:). It was a pretty misty rainy day, but it...
  3. dansgas1000

    Report - Benacre Water Tower, Suffolk (April 2021)

    Introduction I've got a soft spot for Victorian-style architecture, so I was keen to check out this local water tower. I originally thought I didn’t have any internal shots of this, but I found some rare photos on my phone that I took, so I put them through Lightroom and thought I’d write a...
  4. Timpro_

    General - Birnbeck pier

    This pier has a lot of history so I'll try to keep it simple. It opened on the 5th of June 1867. Improvements were made and things like trams, life boat houses and jetty were added. There was a fire in 1897 which damaged the main building. A new pavilion and low water jetty was build a couple of...
  5. Wastelandr

    Report - Camden Catacombs East Section - September 2020

    THE EXPLORE So we began blowing up an inflatable canoe on the side of Regents Canal footpath much to the confusion and amazement of passers by. When it was finally ready, we hopped in and nearly got crushed by a large tourist boat why proceeded to tell us 'we were on the wrong side', despite...
  6. E

    Report - Pendower Hall, Newcastle - March 2020

    This one wasn't as interesting as I hoped unfortunately, as I caught it a little too late in the redevelopment stage so all the fun was stripped out. Funnily enough their cameras and fancy security system were following my movement the entire time and a police station was a two minute walk away...
  7. E

    Report - The Duke's County Middle School, Alnwick, Northumberland - February 2020

    My first report here. I had heard about a big old school that had shut down in the NE and I had to give it a visit. Unfortunately most of it was stripped out ready for renovation. I was hoping for ghosts but the only thing that spooked me were the horrible little motion sensors which were...
  8. Llama

    Report - The Camden Catacombs, London - February 2020

    Visited with @james nichols History: Every day, thousands of people walk the streets of Camden completely unaware of the 19th-century network of tunnels and vaults that lay beneath their feet, and with next to no surface features, this particular network has gone, for the most part, unnoticed...
  9. Dee ANK

    Report - Intermediate School for Girls. Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Aug 2017

    I'm still umming and ahhing which of my previous explores I should report on here. I've picked this one as it hasn't been 'done to death' on 28DL and I'm surprised how much info I found about the place while researching today. fyi, Cowbridge is a small historical town 10miles West of Cardiff...
  10. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - Stoke-on-Trent - August 2019

    Chatterley Whitfield: I've wanted to explore this place for a very long time, but never really looked into it until recently when @UrbandonedTeam suggested we check it out. So one thursday morning all plans changed and we headed out to Stoke once again. The Explore: The first day we tried this...