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  1. O

    Report - Shanghai palace (the beer engine) Wigan, July 20

    My first post so please be gentle, I’m hoping that this site hasn’t been reported so I can gain a bit of kudos and start my journey of being welcomed into the inner circle. Lockdown has had me googling all kinds of weird sheet and it seems that other people enjoy wondering around abandoned...
  2. PlanetClare

    Report - Rylands Mill, Wigan. June 2020.

    This place had such a fun mix of architecture... from the old mill parts, to the more modern from when it was a college. Absolutely huge too, could have spent so much longer exploring the grounds and the underground bunker on site. Unfortunately we got off a bit early as a load of kids showed...
  3. PlanetClare

    Report - Rylands Mill, Wigan

    This place was huge, and beautiful! Had a weird mix of architecture with the old mill, and the more modern parts from when it was a college. Didn't get a chance to find the underground bunker on site unfortunately as a load of kids showed up f
  4. G

    General - noob intro post with 1st explore (Winstanley hall)

    Hi. stumbled across this site randomly and found myself a new hobby last week. explored the site for a few days and decided id get out and find something worth posting to introduce myself with. Im obsessed with this site at the min and have non stop been out exploring since i found it so thanks...
  5. asylumseeker


    Found a nackered manky VHS tape back in December whilst walking around the gardens at St Josephs, it turned out to be timelapse CCTV video from the year 2000 here it is for anyone interested.
  6. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - St Joseph's Seminary - Upholland - May 2019

    ST JOSEPH'S SEMINARY: So I explored this place a little while ago, and decided to post my first report in a while because it's been cropping up a bit more recently. This place has been abandoned since 1991, leaving it abandoned for 28 years! This is largely shown in the decay that this place...