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Report - 20 Fenchurch Roof TC's (Topped out) -- London -- April 2012


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This monstrosity of a building donned as 'The Building with more up Top' was quickly renamed by Oli as 'The Building with more explorers up Top' I guess because its first Tower Crane had been rinsed multiple times and will continue to after this report now that there is a new focal point being the roof and its 2 shiny new Tower Cranes!

After messing around underground in the UTS vents and dropping a few people of at the station so they could catch the last trains out to Brighton / Hastings, I was about ready to call it a night but Oli and Alex said we might as well give 20 Fenchurch street a look seeing as we were passing it anyway. Luck must have been in our favor as it was the first time I've seen no activity mid week and much to our surprise after the grueling climb up, the internal stairs now give access to the roof. Fun commenced.

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