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28 meet


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Well I reckon we vote we will never agree otherwise. So I’m going with Stoke and I like the idea of smaller pubs but don’t know the area.


Spoons was only ever convenient as could accommodate larger groups for the entire evening (plus cheap).. you'd prob put a load of locals nose's out of joint if we took over their boozer until last orders lol.


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Stoke would be a good shout tbh... Fairly central, drains, derps etc
I have this image of a drunken heard of forum members storming Chatterley Whitfield at approximately 12 when spoons has kicked everyone out with some being caught and causing trouble at other derps such as north staffs swinging around in the operating theatres.
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Might have to do a recce of stoke and see what's out there.. the spoons thing I'm not sure on. Spoons works for a crowd for sure but bores me. Find somewhere better and I'm all ears. Dont think you can organise a meet for the whole forum in a pokey drinking den unfortunately.


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nothing wrong with spoons, it's the primark of pubs.
Possibly the most accurate description of a pub I've ever read

Stoke has a spoons


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Yes to this.

can we not try and get in some oldschool workin mens club or summat? That would fit right in.

Fletchers workies?