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Report - 28days brown's bash


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this was part duex
after a slight fail in part one in the begining of the year

part duex was the follow up of all follow ups :Not Worthy

this started of with a little email to rigsby "mate browns sleep over, u up for it , email any one u think will come"

so with that, and i think every one turned up that said they would :thumb

urban junky
jake A.K.A ( buttplug)
petzl ( renamed pretzel after all the cider we where drinking)
petzl's missis

Originally Posted by rigsby
6 quarrys
17 explorers
Lots of cider
= Good weekend
oh and one tent :crazy
met up with, urban junky and his merry men out side my house at a stupid time in the morning, and headed over to my local tesco for some supplys, and an epic breakfast to sort us out for the day :thumb

tummys full and wallets emptied we headed over to the meeting point, i think we must have vip parking in there now, name plates over the spaces soon. a good hour of peeps arriving with plenty of meet and greets and alot of chatting.

we headed over to ridge and monks for a nice little walk round, saying that the speed we went round i think it was more of a run than a walk, again followed by alot of chatting and sitting round, then over to quarrymans to drop some cars of and a nice pint (more chatting)

next up was the legendary cider farm, they must of wet themselves seeing us lot pull up in our picky vans and the lot of us getting out, but to be fair we did spend a good amount of cash in there between us, so they must of been happy bunnys when we left, even if brickman did try nearly all the ciders before buying lol i must get some of there jam next time it looked lush

next up was a trip to sands, not a massive place, there is some stuff left behind, but one of the best cut quarrys i have seen so far, but saying that after a small error in kit me and brickman shot back to get his kit, then when we got back we meet larey so by the time we got to the entrance every one was coming back out, look a little worn out lol.

so we headed over to swan, quick chat with grumpy, sorry pub landlord, he is a nice chap but just grumpy, so with the promise of a drink in the pub later, we headed of into swan, a good stomp up to the crane and one of the funniest things of the night was looking back to see 15 odd head lamps shinning in the dark coming up the passage way they looked like some chinese tourist group, it did make me and mark chuckle, but then we realised it was 7.40 and it gets dark around 8.30, so we shot straight back out, to find root about to gear up to meet us in swan, so we had yet another pint then got all our kit ready for the sleep over

so we then headed over to browns, my bags where full with everything but the kitchen sink :crazy,and bubblehead having a twin 12inch basebox with amp and 12v car battery to carrybetween us, by this time it was dark :banghead so we all headed over to shakespear entrance, nice little walk over the clifts at night, probably not the best thing to do with a 100ft drop.but the peeps camping above ground must of thought there was something strange going on as one by one we walked past in a line, headlamps on and kitted up for a walk up snowdonia, we got in to browns and straight in to our normal room

air beds out, tent up ,sleeping bags out and half the room covered in candles, bit of grub, sound system blasting away, we got down to some drinking and chatting, some went top side for a bbq in the lush eveing weather,then one by one every one started to drop off to sleep, then root popped is head in as he was showing someone round browns, then pooped back in for a beer a bit later, before heading off about mid night,

just as stones and grit strated falling from the roof, every now and again ,u would get a bit of grit fall down or a stone fall out, not the best thing to happen so thougth it best to turn music down a little, i must admit i was a little worried...........but not enought to move!! lol

talking of midnight, urbanfox sprange a suprise cake and candles for speed's birthday(happy birthday fella) i think we finally got to sleep about 1.30 ish subject to alot of pissing in the night by every one, in the dark and over jakes tent!! lol most got a good night sleep

8.00 on the dot, up for breaky, the place looked like glastonbury, bottles every where, cans, it was a mess but to be fair we did clean it up really well, with only the smell of wee left behind

then all but me headed over to quarrymans and into box for the day

all in all a top weekend :thumb, nice to meet some new faces :thumb

cant wait for the next one cheers all :thumb

couple of picks below of the night, i am sure there will be more to be added by the rest, in the end i took all of about 20 pics, should of just left my camera at home lol

my bit of luxury, air beds are great, even if a "sly fox" pinches half of it lol

urbanjunky he had been up nearly 24 hours, good lad

better sound system than most clubs,

hi-de-hi campers

petzl and missis, he was the candle kid, candles every where round his patch, it looked really impressive

jake in his tent, i think he thought it was a bunker incase the roof fell in !! lol

something different

different passage way
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Despite the promise of a thumping good sound system for Saturday night I thought I could find bigger and louder, so I went to see U2 in Cardiff!

Arriving in Wiltshire @ 3 a.m I joined the rest for their Sunday wanderings (good to meet you guys :thumb )

Won’t post a separate report (I think Box has been done enough before – it don’t need 16 more reports) but I’ll add a few pics. below.

For those that know Box, a quick update on the TV room, the ‘pron’ has long gone, when we arrived it was showing a fishing program, and when we left there was a very ‘family friendly’ documentary about the life of hamsters.


Lack of sleep, and too much fine company naturally leads to a regression to childhood, and so ‘lego’ building became a must.


The finished article, obviously very delicate, and likely to fall down with the slightest nudge.


Obviously, therefore, the last thing you should do is put an explorer on top!


9 points for artistic interpretation.


5 points for the dismount.


Windy tunnel (complete with MOD welcome Barbie-wire)


Only slightly damp in places (Urban Fox takes the easy solution to dry feet)


Speaking of Urban Fox – dreaming of…. Well anything that isn’t mud really.


Off we go again.


Better chuck one slightly ‘arty-farty’ one in.


Cheers again for the company guys!

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As I've already said, mega weekend. Was great to meet everyone else, slightly weird putting faces to internet aliases though. :D

I didn't take any photos of the overnight festivities at Browns, was far too much effort getting the camera out, and we had a BBQ at hand which obviously took first priorirty. Taking photos underground can be a painstaking task, so didn't get many of the quarries either, but I was happy enough to be in there experiencing it, so smiles all round.

Ridge Quarry:










Thanks to those involved in organising it, and to everyone else for the gooooood times. Looking forward to the next one! :thumb


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Great weekend, although i was completely nackered by the end of it, maybe something to do with lugging that battery around. good to meet some new faces and catch up with old ones. As i said outside the quarryman's when is the next piss up?

Ridge crew, bar brickman as he was faffing with his camera next to me:D


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Awsome night, was good to put names to faces finally, and i was only 3mins late for work :thumb Thanks to tommo for organising it! Shame i missed box but i look forward to the next one!

i didnt really faf about with the camera much but heres a few...





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yes, me and Rigsby found time for skittles. All though I ended up being pin boy lol :cool:

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