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Information - A decent CF Tripod for under £110!

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Too big.

I absolutely swear by the Manfrotto 718SHB

Sadly it's discontinued, but I've got two and you can still buy the parts to keep them maintained. I've absolutely battered mine and it's still good.

There's no suitable manfrotto replacement now at 40cm (Modo is not suitable).

Urban Junky's got a good but cheap tripod, nopefully he'll provide some info here.

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i got mine for under 50 quid from arghos had to take it back due to head fail but this is fine,one i had previous lasted years


Sorry i know mines not cf but its light and does the job
I've got the same model Wevsky and it's decent for the money although i just use it for underground stuff now, packs up small and light, a little wobbly on full extension though, got a Redsnapper too which is ace.


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Interesting to see what people here use, some interesting options - certainly cheaper than I was expecting.

The one I linked does pack up smaller than 60cm, the centre column pulls up then the legs fold all the way up to the head. Likely closer to 40cm when folded fully.

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