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a mooch around the sherwood forest part 3 edwinstowe railway station RAILBEX


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hi did you enjoy my last two posts well heres the third installment edwinstowe railway station.

the mooch
edwinstowe railway station is situated a short distance from the village it purports to serve after going the wrong way down a one way street i turned the car around
and retraced my steps this time going the right way to be honest i was too busy looking for the turning and didnt see the no entry sign.
after a slight adjustment i found the bridge i was looking for and a sign announcing the old railway station so i went up the drive to see if i could obtain permission to take a few photos.
with permission granted a young lady showed me how to get on to the platform where i spent a pleasant 15 20 minutes taking photos.

edwinstowe station was built in 1896 by the lancashire,derbyshire and east coast railway (LD&ECR) and was the only one with a refreshment room apart from shirebrook where the line left the worksop to mansfield and nottingham line now known as the robin hood line the other stations on the line being at
warsop,ollerton,boughton,and tuxford central which it really wasnt.
the line passed into the hands of the great central and LNER and to british rail on nationalsation the line didnt live up to its expectations and passenger services were withdrawn at the end of december 1955 although excursions and holiday trains still ran untill 1964.

the line today
the line itself is still in use as the high marnham test track which still sees 3 trains per week the old station buildings is now an ambulance station for first 4 care
so do please go in the office and ask for permission before tromping around the old station.


then...a unidentifed locomotive approaches edwinstowe station note the closure notice on the platform.

now...todays view shows a reasonable looking station.

then.... former LNER 63675 passes through the closed station in the 60,s.

now.. 63675 has possibly been recycled into something new as nature reclaims the up platform.

the former station building is now an ambulance depot for first for care.

looking down the platform towards thoresby jcn & tuxford.

the former up platform looking towards shirebrook jcn

the refurbished station is now an ambulance depot.

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