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Abandonned New Build & Possible Apartment/Restaurant/Cafe (Protarus, Cyprus October 2018)


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I was on holiday in Protarus in Cyprus, when I came across three abandoned sites. I‘ve put two of the sites on this report as they’re relatively small, and the third site I’ve made it it’s own report as it’s bigger and has more intersting things in it.

  • Abandoned New Build:

This building is on the long main road just off the main strip, it's the last in a row of shops, and was clearly also supposed to be a shop once completed.
However after the Greek Banking Crisis of 2008 (which also affected Southern Cyprus, as it’s under Greek rule), it like many other in progress construction sites became abandoned after the building company went bust, it’s been sat there ever since. I’ve been coming to Cyprus for about ten years and it’s always been sat there, just waiting for someone to snap it up and complete the construction.
There isn't much to look at inside as it's an empty shell, but it has some stairs at the back that led to the roof, there were some water towers up there. and I took a nice picture of the church on the hill from up there.










  • Small Building, Possibly once an Apartment or Restaurant:

This was a curious and intersting little building situated on the main road, about two miles from the apartments I was staying in. I’m not quite sure what it used to be. I showed the photo’s to my urbex partner Umbra and he said he thought it may have been a public toilet that’s fallen into disrepair, but I’m not convinced. It's too big to be a public toilet and it’s not laid out llike one. Since it is quite a small building, I think it was either a café, a restaurant, or once was a one floor apartment.
The building is directly in front of a row of holiday homes. It has some grafitti on the outside. Inside is an empty room with what looks like an electric fly-killer machine hanging from the roof, if you go through there is a small corridor in which there are two singular toilets (one male, one female), both porcelain toilets have a brown rusted appearance and are not connected to anything, and there is no sink or flushing system. There was also a shower tray and shower head built into the wall of the male toilet, but there wasn’t any controls for it, this is what made me think it could have been an apartment, at the same time it still seems like it's too small to have been one.














Cyprus is full of little abandonned buildings like these, I think that's partly why I love it there so much.

Thanks for taking the time to read this report, and I'll get the third site up on it's own report asap. :thumb
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