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28DL and UE in the News Adrenaline junkies in Blackpool Tower shock - Blackpool Gazette 19/08/09

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Re: Blackpool Tower, Lancashire - August 09

The local shitty press has found you...



Adrenaline junkies in Blackpool Tower shock

Published Date:
19 August 2009
By Emma Harris

THESE pictures show the shocking moment when two men risked their lives and others scaling Blackpool Tower.
The duo climbed the 518ft world famous structure – and then boasted about their exploits online.

Tower bosses and police chiefs have now branded the ove "irresponsible" and "incredibly dangerous".

On their 100th attempt, the pair managed to foil CCTV cameras and other security measures in place at Blackpool Tower to climb to the top.

A post on the website, 28 Days Later – an "urban exploration forum" – revealed they had been planning the dangerous stunt for more than two years.

These images were added to the website on August 9, with one of the daredevils revealing the incident took place at midnight on a Friday.

The pair also claim on the website they have roamed around the inside of the stricken Riverdance ferry, which was stranded on Cleveleys beach, at 4am one morning.

Michael Williams, operations director, at Leisure Parcs, which owns the Tower, said: "We have viewed the pictures with both surprise and disbelief. This climb obviously took place when the building was closed, despite 24-hour CCTV and security monitoring.

"It is not only incredibly dangerous, but clearly irresponsible, and we are relieved no-one was injured, especially innocent people on the streets below."

This is not the first time adrenaline junkies have targeted Blackpool in dangerous stunts.

In January 2008, two people climbed to the top of the Big One at the Pleasure Beach and in August of the same year they broke into St Annes Pool, which was closed.

In January last year, other thrill-seekers climbed to the top of Mecca Bingo on Central Drive.

Writing under the name 'userscott', the man who posted the Blackpool Tower climb pictures said: "For two years, the challenge wasn't even the Tower, it was getting to the base of the Tower and we probably picked the worst night."

He describes the highly dangerous act as a "challenge" and "the last piece in the Blackpool puzzle," writing: "It's time to do it properly, ascend the overhangs of the visitor centre, climb the remaining 120ft up and touch the flagpole at the top, before a multi-pitched abseil back down to the base."

The blog then follows the progress during the climb, with photos at various points.

At one point it reads: "It's a busy night on the front and surely somebody's noticed two troublemakers packing 60m of 8mm rope and bright white Petzl helmets."

Blackpool police said they were also staggered by the website, as they had received no reports of the incident.

Community beat manager Steven Jones said: "This is extremely dangerous and we would very strongly urge others not to follow this irresponsible example.

"By undertaking this activity without permission or supervision you run the risk of serious injury to not only yourself, but innocent people around you too."

One of the two climbers has the nickname Stepping Lightly and the other Scott.

Other members on the 28 Days Later site have added comments to the posting, describing it as "epic", "nuts, but totally brilliant", "outstanding work" and calling the pair "legends".

A person using the same username has also posted a video on YouTube of a youth, called 'Oggy' jumping off a rope swing they have fashioned on a bridge over the M60 in the middle of the night.

They discuss the height of the bridge before Oggy jumps off and estimate it at 100ft to 120ft.

When asked if he is looking forward to the jump, he says 'no', and is then asked if he is certain he wants to go ahead.

After the jump he is asked how it went and he replies "wicked, but I'm knackered now."


One of the fisters that left a comment: "totally irresponsible idiotic jerks" - lol
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