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Report - Alfreton Old Tunnel

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28DL Full Member
Alfreton Old Tunnel - 840yds.

Alfreton Tunnel sometimes known as Cotes Park Tunnel due to its close proximity to Cotes Park Industrial Estate, was built in the late 1800s as part of the Midland Railways “Erewash Valley Route” predominantly for movement of coal. Three shafts were sunk for the construction of the tunnel all remain intact and serviceable. The tunnel is still used by Network Rail service vehicles and is protected by CCTV and secured fenced off as the newer Alfreton “New” Tunnel which was finished in 1901 to ease congestion along the route during the 1960s the route was downgraded again and tracks lifted from the “Old” tunnel leaving the “New” tunnel as the new Mainline route, Of note network rail advertise the “Old” tunnel as ideal for filming and recording opportunities...

So to the north is Alfreton Railway Station and time the south is Pye Bridge Jn, theres a footbridge immediately south of the tunnels which provide easy viewing of the southern portals,

Shaft No.1 is at the southern end located in a small area of woods just off the main road through Cotes Park.
Shaft No.2 is centrally located and is adjacent to the A38 motoway and is easily spotted.
Shaft No.3 the most northern and located in the wooded area to the north.
The tunnel since tracks were lifted has been used for experimental types and repairs and test, it’s iexcellent condition and as I mentioned earlier it’s still used today albeit by road vehicles rather than trains. I visited during the small hours and other than the road traffic noise apparent around shaft three I was alone, never heard or seen a single train use the still active tunnel assume maybe closed for repairs works somewhere.
Anyway enjoy the pics and feel free to ask questions

The Northern Portal.


Looking south from just inside the north


Shaft No.3 (Looking South).


Shaft No.


One of many refuges


Various repair patches.





Shaft No.2 Open.


The experimental roof repair patch.


Shaft No.1 Open.


Shaft No.1 #2


Looking at south towards tye



Southern Portal.


Alfreton Old Tunnel - 840yds.


Southern Portal.

Thanks for looking, Stay Safe
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