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Report - Altringham General Hospital, Trafford, Sept 16


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A bit late in the game to this one as when we had arrived it was already half demo'ed. But lucky enough there was still plenty to see and photograph and I used it to practice angles, instead of getting everything dead on centre.

History (taken form https://www.cmft.nhs.uk/media/595587/history of altrincham.pdf)

Altrincham’s hospital services began in 1853 when Lloyd’s Fever Hospital was built. By 1860 the hospital was making a vital contribution to improving access to health care for local residents. A Provident Dispensary was opened in 1861. Subscribers of a weekly sum could be treated at the hospital when necessary. The population of Altrincham was growing and in 1870, the management of Lloyds Fever Hospital and Provident Dispensary was handed over to the new Altrincham Provident Dispensary and Hospital, marking the establishment of what would become Altrincham General Hospital.

Lloyds Fever Hospital closed in 1911. The building was pulled down and the site turned into a children’s playground. As the threat of the First World War emerged the local Red Cross Society asked the hospital for permission to train volunteer nurses on its wards. It was agreed that two nurses would be trained at a time if they provided their own uniforms.

On 10th August 1914, six days after the declaration of war the hospital sent a telegram to the War Office offering the use of a ward of 16 beds for wounded soldiers. By November the ward was in full use. The hospital continued to provide healthcare after the outbreak of World War II with beds reserved for expected air-raid casualties. An air raid shelter was built in the hospital basement. On 5th July 1948, the NHS was established and Altrincham General became the headquarters for the new North and Mid-Cheshire Management Committee. In the current day, Altrincham General provides a minor injuries unit, a range of out-patient clinics, physiotherapy, X-ray, and blood test services to the local population.

Work recently began on a new £17 million state-of-the-art hospital development in Altrincham town centre. The four-story development will provide modern, high quality facilities for existing services, as well as additional services for local people. The new hospital is expected to open to the public by early 2015.





















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Nicely done mate :thumb

looks better than i expected from other reports online. you certainly had the light on your side but i think it"d be a good shoot in low light


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crackin fotos @Vulex , what lens was you using ? will this place be gone in the next couple of weeks ? better nick than denbigh ! ....lol
Im using a Tokina 11-16mm and a Nikon 35mm with my D3300. Quite possibly be gone very fast.

Cheers @ACID- REFLUX it was very dark when we got there, but after a lot of talking and swapping stories the sun was well and truly out.

@Will Knot cheers pal, it was you bed shot that partially influenced a trip here :)

Thanks @Lavino, much appreciated .


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Another one I'll never get to see :( Nice report bud :thumb

Choo Choo m8ty

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Great shots m8ty. Definitely a good mooch. And deffo destroyed in next day or two. Shocked how fast the boiler house and chimney went lol. Them bloody air sealed unit are all over the place. But definitely a good little mooch. Thx for cracking this m8ty and just in time. From the looks of the minorish demo we didn't miss much. Good stuff vulex.

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