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Report - Arundel Unit - William Harvey Hospital - Ashford - August 2014


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So here goes nothing, these are some old pictures ive finally recovered from my hard drive from a long time ago, so please go easy haha!

Taken on an old heap of shit camera so really, and i mean REALLY bad quality :turd.

History; (shamelessly stolen)

Work started on building the hospital in 1973, and it was commissioned in 1977 and opened in 1979.

The William Harvey Hospital is a hospital in Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, England. It is one of the three main hospitals in the East Kent HospitalsUniversity NHS Trust area and is named after William Harvey (1578–1657), the Folkestone-born doctor who discovered the blood circulatory system.

The Evening..

This was visited a couple of times by us, me, non member TinRibs and non member xcon2icon, along with someone who will remain anonymous for street credit depletion reasons :wanker.

Funny dodging staff around the live bits, anyway on with said shite photos....












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You sure you guys didn't just wander around a live hospital for an evening lol? Looks pristine!

Your shots are good, they're not terrible by a long shot.
Haha well it is actually a live hospital, just this section was not being used at the time as they had built a new part to house the patients. Presume it's now used again, no ideas!! They were taken on my old camera and I just see so much fault in them, but cheers dude!!


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I remember this closing, thought it'd be put to another use quicker but clearly not! Fond memories of dropping a few patients off here that weren't suitable for A&E..
Shots aren't so bad, what a surprise they're fish eye though :rolleyes:

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