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Report - Baldovan Institution/Strathmartine Hospital - Dundee - Feb 15


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The 44-acre site was founded by Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvie in 1852, the Ogilvies provided a new building for the hospital, designed by Coe and Godwin in the English domestic Tudor style, in the grounds of Baldovan House. The foundation stone was laid on the 7th July, 1853

The 'Baldovan Institution' was established in 1855 as an orphanage, hospital and place of education and training for 'imbecile' children, the first of its kind in Scotland, second in Britain. In 1856 name changed to Baldovan Asylum after it received its licence under the Luancy Act of 1858, which legalised its function as a home for children.

It was found that contact with 'imbeciles' had a detrimental effect upon the orphans
and so in 1867 the Orphanage moved to other premises and the Baldovan Asylum concentrated its efforts on the care and education of mentally handicapped children. By 1879 the number of children accommodated at the Asylum had increased to 70 and the site where the Administrative block now stands was acquired.

The current building was constructed in 1901 to house the orphanage, the Mental Deficiency (Scotland) Act was passed in 1913, providing state supervision of mental defectives, which led to an increased demand for accommodation at Institutions like Baldovan. By 1904 the Main Building wards were built and occupied by 160 children.

Between 1904 and 1932 further developments included another ward, staff residency, school facilities, a large Recreation Hall as well as occupational therapy and training in domestic, farm and garden work.

In the twenties the trustees formed an incorporation with the countries of Aberdeen, Angus, Kincardine and Perth to manage the hospital and provide for children of all 4 counties. By 1948 the running of the Hospital was transferred to the National Health Service. Subsequent developments included a change of name in 1959 to Strathmartine Hospital

During the 60's major building works took place which saw the demo of the original premises and the creation of new and improved facilities, including three new single storey wards and a swimming pool, the orphanage moved and the Strathmartine Psychiatric Hospital was established.

The hospital was decommissioned in stages from the mid 1980s, closing completely in 2003. The hospital site was sold to a property development company, Heathfield Limited, in May 2005 who havent been granted permission to build enough houses to make profit so the site is slowly being burnt down

Big up university of Dundee for the history !












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Thanks all !! Its an alright spot for a casual mooch. I was passing so I didnt spend that much time there quite a few buildings I didnt even go in altho I imagine they are also empty shells still I had a laugh wandering about on my own :thumb