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Report - StrathMartine Hospital/Baldovan Institute, Dundee, Scotland Mar2010


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Clearing out the cobwebs, not a groundbreaking site, but the only other report I can find is Speeds report of the same occasion. On our way volunterilly to a police station to sit in their waiting room and push their paperwork around we had a few hours to kill. Entering 'find nearest explore' into the satnav we found ourselves at the quite frankly, wrecked, hospital site. Estimations we missed the boat on this one by about 2-3years! In which time the owners, yup, you've guessed it a housing development firm have let it go to absolute ruin much to the annoyance of local councillers who have slated the developers plans and effectively capped their '200 house site' down to a poultry 40. Meaning they will make huge losses/ never start the project unless adequate provision for the existing bat population (which wouldn't be there if there was still windows in the buildings lol) is catered for and a number of key buildings (the sandstone ones) are utilised in a pleasing manor. Basically a council that has balls, hurrah! :eek::cool:
Now for some history...

The Baldovan Institution was founded in 1852, mainly through the benevolence of Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy and from voluntary contributions and fees. It was established on the north bank of the Dighty as an orphanage, hospital and place of education and training for ‘imbecile’ children, accomodating 30 children. As such it was the first hospital of its kind in Scotland and the second in Britain. The Orphanage opened on 30th November 1854 and the Asylum opened on 6th January 1855.

In 1856 its name was changed to Baldovan Asylum and it expanded its operations after it received its licence under the Lunacy Act of 1858, which legalised its function as a home for children. It was found that contact with 'imbeciles' had a detrimental effect upon the orphans and so in 1867 the Orphanage moved to other premises and the Baldovan Asylum concentrated its efforts on the care and education of mentally handicapped children. By 1879 the number of children accommodated at the Asylum had increased to 70 and the site where the Administrative block now stands was acquired. By 1904 the Main Building wards were built and occupied by 160 children.

The Mental Deficiency (Scotland) Act was passed in 1913, providing state supervision of mental defectives, which led to an increased demand for accommodation at Institutions like Baldovan. Between 1904 and 1932 further developments included another ward, staff residency, school facilities, a large Recreation Hall as well as occupational therapy and training in domestic, farm and garden work.

In 1925 the Baldovan Institution Confirmation Act sanctioned the trustees to form an Incorporation with the counties of Aberdeen, Forfar (Angus), Kincardine and Perth to undertake the management of the hospital with provision for children of all four counties.

In 1948 the running of the Hospital was transferred to the National Health Service. Subsequent developments included a change of name in 1959 to Strathmartine Hospital and major building works in 1963-1965, which saw the demolition of the original premises and the creation of new and improved facilities, including three new single storey wards and a swimming pool. Two new 25 bed wards were opened in 1980.
and now for some pictures. Nothing starting I'm afraid, all handheld whilst thumbling about treading on airsoft pellets.


't3h birds' Belgium - 2010
The village style hospitals euro layout type looks eerily similar to stuff we see on the continent.


nice to see the NHS treating people in a fitting manor. Like an inanimate object.


the pool space. An amazing 2ft deep diving tank that has bizzarely escaped most of taysides finest pulling it apart with their bare teeth.


upper corridoor on one of the 1930's hillside villas


Santarium Lemare


continental intentions


a typical room


toys used for airsoft warfare


another coridoor


yup defanatly on the continent!


the difference between middle eastern scotland and the tuscan mountain sanatoriums of Florence is the italians use high quality white marble & brass fixings, wheras in irnbru'land they use concrete, brick & simple wood.



speed does corridoors


Golf umbrella assisted anti-flare measure.

Its not the worst hospital I've ever been to, but it would be fair to say the place is meak and uninteresting, or at least, we didn't come across anything all that interesting, assumed it had all gone years before.
Since our brief visit there in march its had a substantial fire and the coucillars have become even more aggressive with the owner, though appears to have fallen on deaf ears :rolleyes:


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Love it, nice photos.. The last 2 people shots are really good.


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You managed to get some great photos out of a place that looks pretty stripped! Liking the pool.