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Report - - Barbours Threads, Lisburn,NI - 09/09/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Barbours Threads, Lisburn,NI - 09/09/07

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Where do I start?:confused:

Team NI meet up - Coski, Jinjur, Zcott, myself and introducing the biomechanoid (newbie)!

Objective - wander around Barbours and get some more pics, but especially of the two parts of mill that I didnt access to on my last visit.

Access - not easy for some, but we managed and jokingly said 'wouldnt it be wonderful to be let out the front gate instead of trying to climb back that way again'. my how we laughed!:eek:

Entry first mill, uneventful, but I was aware of a few changes since my last visit - so security had been around and checked things, D'oh!

So, in we get, and wander happily. Things had been moved, as if getting equipment ready to leave the factory. Acting as unofficial tour guide - I directed the group through the areas that I had been through previously

One large door wouldn't open, so Coski looked through a broken window to see if he could see any visible obstruction, but all he saw was A SECURITY GUARD !!!:mad:

FECK! (as they say in these here parts), the other three had wandered off up the stairwell - so Cos and me darted up after them - 'quick, security has rumbled us', so up to the top of a dead end we flee. Double feck!

That was it - end of visit, police inbound, handcuffs - off to jail - life flashing before me

After about a minute we could hear footsteps getting closer, so it was decided to 'put our hands up, and give in'. poor bloody security bloke just about filled his drawers when the five of us came down the stairwell at him.

We explained what our purpose was, taking heed form the website 'calm, apologetic, sincere etc etc', so he told us all off - then gave us a guided tour!

As a former employee he was very proud to have worked in the mill in its heyday - and took us around the older of the mills.

YES, today is the day that God did answer my prayers, and a happy band of urbexers continued on with their mission with much mirth and amasement !!

So we got inside the mill, some very relevant history - and let out the front gate BONUS BALLS all round. But im sure the remaining members of the Famous Five will have a different angle on events. Cheers folks for a very memorable day :D

Oh, took some pics too,




This mill is as littered as the other - machinery, parts, remnants etc
apparently the machinery that did leave went to India.


The pigeons like this desk.





Team NI busy in their work


The working womans' porn, circa 1992


up on the top floor - wonderful quality of light


store room - still storing


exporting? to where?


That Ferns a big woman, she gets everywhere


some wonderful detail in the roof supports.

Today has been a remarkable day, marked with blood, sweat and tears of joy

THANKS again guys.