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Report - Basingstoke Canal defenses

Treasure Hunter513

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This video includes pillboxes, dragon's teeth, mine sockets and anti-tank obstacles/cylinders. We researched the exact location of all pillboxes and defenses and marked them on a map, this enabled us to stop wherever we wanted on the canal boat, we were therefore able to take photos from the water. Almost all pillboxes we entered were type FW3/22SP. Many were near bridges and one in particular was in totally immersed by undergrowth next to a field, however the ones furthest away from the water were in the best condition. The most concentrated area for military defenses was near Blacksmith's bridge and even on it, there was a massive collection of tank cylinders and situated on the bridge were 9 mine sockets. Camouflage netting used to be covered over the pillboxes by metal poles, and remains of these were still visible. The hatches that covered the gun holes were mostly still there and were made of asbestos or wood.

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