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Ben Cooper in the Daily Mail

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OK, lets look at these pictures. Number 1 has a roof obscuring the lit up university. 3/10. Number 2 I like wit the crane leading your eyes deep into the picture. Shame about the green blob in the sky (could be photoshopped) 6/10. Number 3 a very busy time exposure. Nothing special 5/10. Number 4 would be lots better without the fence lower right 5/10. Number 5 I really like 9/10. Number 6 too much roof 4/10. Number 7 nothing special 5/10. Number 8 person is blurred 2/10. Number 9 I love the angles in this shot though the person is a little distracting 9/10. Number 10 In my opinion the best except for the green shooting stars 9/10 & finally the one in the crane cab is OK too 7/10. Apart from the fact that the photographer as taken risks or broken the law to get these shots they're just average pictures that any amateur photographer could have taken & in some cases may have taken a better picture.

Just lol the photo god has spoken, can't please everyone mate.


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Sums you up there Ben, an amateur and a flirt:p:

I would be chuffed to bits with that... well done. And I personally think your photos are always to a very high standard. He should try taking shots after climbing 150 foot of ladders and then balancing a tripod on a wet floor made of riveta-esque checker plate with 40mph winds!


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Amateurs, I have to share with amateurs!

Seriously, nice one Ben... :thumb
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