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Report - - Billinge Hospital, Wigan - March 2007 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Billinge Hospital, Wigan - March 2007

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Hi there everyone :)

Decided to have another go at getting into Billinge Hospital this Saturday. (Me and my UE Pal HarryBancroft have tried previously but were warned off by security)

Unfortunately there were workman on site. The demolition crew are setting up camp around the back of the old buildings and working in the maternity block.

Things quietened down late afternoon and we managed to gain access to the maternity block. The bottom two floors are sealed off due to asbestos removal work so there isnt any access to the old buildings this way. :(

You can get up to the third and fourth floors but it was pretty much stripped bare.

Oh, and on our way back to the car, walking down the muddy track at the back of the hospital we met our friend Mr. Security man again with his two dogs. He was quite friendly but then again we were off hospital grounds at that point!

This is my first posting. I have lurked for ages and absolutely LOVE the site.
Me and Harry have had much better luck with Denbigh, Whittingham and St. Georges. Could anyone recommend any other explores that are a little less tricky than Billinge ? ? ?

I will try to be brave and do a full report next time we get out.

Took a few 'photos from the maternity block - they arn't terribly exciting but I will post them anyway.


Cathryn xx




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